Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Be Contenious

I'm right you are wrong!
It really is pretty simple to be a contentious woman!
Every chance you get;
Correct someone!
Especially your husband!!
Everytime he is telling a story, or explaining something,
Listen very carefully!!
So, you can correct every small detail of (HIS STORY)

Okay, you get the idea!
I was sitting down with my Hubby last night and we
We're going to pray together, and it hit me...

I have heard myself and other woman a lot lately correcting
Their Husband's, Now I know that I know everything!!...
It is just getting a bit annoying to even myself on
How often I must correct every wrong detail of (HIS STORY)

No wonder our Husbands do not want to be involved with 
some of our conversations!
Would it really hurt me or the universe to just let him
Tell his version???
Wait a minute...
Maybe I am wrong and He is right??

(Have you seen my glasses?)
I now have remembered why we are told to respect, and honor
 Our husbands and to show him reverence.

Because, we are always opening our mouths and spiritually
Sticking our our tongues.

I told my husband about this and I told him I was sorry.
He told me it is very frustrating for a Man to be corrected,
All the time, and especially in front of other people.

So Miss bossy pants, stop correcting YOUR Husband!
You are not his MOMMY!


This could be the best NEW YEAR gift for
Your Marriage yet!

Just for Your Information;
You will have to be reminded about this everytime,
You are in a conversation with him alone. And
 Especially when you with others during Church,
Or when fellowshipping with others.

I remember something about a woman with a gentle
And Quiet spirit.

And something about being in an attic eating crust is better,
Then being in a house with a contentious woman.

Strife, dispute ect.
A point argued for ( I'M RIGHT)

Critical spirit in my speech. Is your tongue always correcting
Your headship?

Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding,
complaining and questioning.
Philippians 2:14 




  1. Hi Roxy! This post is for me, I'm sure. My husband can't tell any story in under ten minutes. It makes me crazy. If I ask him to cut the chase, it doesn't help. He just starts all over again.

    I need to really cultivate patience and a listening ear. Not easy for me. Thank you for reminding me it's a day to day thing.
    Have a great day!

  2. Yes, I agree with Ceil, and you both. This was a very good post Rox. I have to remind myself to honor my hubby as well. Little "Nellie Olson" really cracks me up... "please Lord, don't let me be like her".
    Love ya,

  3. You're just trying to start an argument with me, aren't you?;>) lol Great post, Roxy! xo Diana

  4. Oh, woops...
    Guilty, to some degree.
    We all need a refresher course, once in a while.
    Thank YOU!

  5. You got me. Thanks for this timely reminder. Combine this with complaining and discontentment, and you have a powerful weapon AGAINST a happy marriage.

    Bless you for sharing it!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. Very true. It is unpleasant to be repeatedly corrected by anyone when telling a story, especially by the one who is supposed to love his/her beloved most. If we could see some of the looks that our spouses give us...it would be shocking. Ha! Mine told me today that I am always saying that I'm going to do a thing and then I don't. In the meantime, he's waiting for whatever it is and I never get to it. Hmmmm...that's a good one for one of my own posts! ☺

  7. Oh, my toes are hurting. Those are some words that we need to read over and over. I have been embarrassed myself for men whose wives just won't stop correcting them. And I have to admit that my husband has told me more than once that he is not my student. Forgive me.

  8. Hello, sweet friend! Oh how I have missed visiting your uplifting blog :) I enjoyed myself this morning as I scrolled through your previous posts. You have such a sweet way of sharing wisdom and I appreciate your openness and honesty. You could just "point the finger," yet you don't, you share everything in love. Thank you, dear Roxy! I hope you're enjoying this lovely Christmas season!

    Much love!

  9. 'Great post! "Miss Bossy Pants" made me laugh! Have a lovely day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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  11. Think it's a BIG part of our inherited sin nature from Eve. And, oh, I am so guilty of this and hate it!!! Thanks for the reminder! Blessings.


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