Monday, December 23, 2013

One Of the Many Uses For A Head Lamp

All I want for Christmas!

My sweet Hubby asked me today;
Honey is there anything else you wanted for Christmas?
I was speechless (Well almost)

Our Father in heaven knows what we need and want,
Even before we ask!

I have been so blessed to have a wonderful Husband!
I have been given many godly women as my friends!

I cherish my Children and my Grandchildren!
Counting my blessings...

So I decide to call my sister!
 and here is what she is dealing with;

My sister in Michigan has no power and no running water.
They have had a terrible ice storm.
 And this has caused many
Downed trees on their property.
They have told them they may not have power up until
December 26th or the 27th!
She starts telling me about how she has tried to get her gifts
 finished before Christmas.
So she has had to wear a head lamp to see!

Now, with these thoughts rolling around in my head as
 My sister wears a head lamp on her head trying to crochet a wash cloth!!

Now I am cracking up here!

Plus she has not been able to wash her hair for two days!
Not a pretty picture for the Holidays...
My sister has always had the best attitude even in
the hard times!
Her whole town is out of power!

Can I ask if just maybe my sister and the whole town where she
Lives, to have their power restored,
For Christmas?

Does this good attitude of my sister sound like an overcomer?



  1. Oh my goodness, poor Barb! Yes, Lord we ask that her home and her town be restored with power by Christmas!! Amen!

    I think she's an overcomer, most definitely! And she does it with such Grace.

    I can just see her now... Hair a mess, head lamp on and finishing up her gift wrapping with a little flicker of light. A little funny, because Barb has that kind of silliness about her, but man oh man, I'm thankful for lights and warm weather!!

    I will add her the my prayer time!


    PS... Is the fudge ready??

  2. You let us in on this wonderful woman, who not only has a great attitude but lives it!
    Little does she know (or you might share with her) that we are witnessing a truly Godly woman.

    Lifting the town and your family in prayer.

  3. Its times like this that you need to see the bright side rather than moaning as it doesn't get you anywhere. Your sister sounds like a woman that sees the bright side no matter - a great strength.

    I pray that the power is restored in time for Christmas, but if it isn't I can imagine Christmas might be different but still fun.


  4. Oh no! I hope that your precious sister has her power back. She sounds some kind of tenacious! (My sister lost her power Sunday, but got it back this morning just in the nick of time.)


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