Monday, December 16, 2013

Sock Snowmen

Winter Snowmen in all their cheer!

To make these cute little guys all you need is a few items!
Use either a tube sock or a crew sock (White)
Turn the sock inside out.
Wrap a rubber band around it to hold it tight,
Now turn it back right side.
Now, you must fill it with any cheap white rice.
I use about 2 cups of rice per snowman.

After filling the sock with the whole 2 cups tie it off with
Another rubber band.
Like this!

Now find the area to use the right proportion for his head.
Just wrap the rubber band only twice around for his head.
Like this!

Now you want to make his little hat;
This is where all those little single socks come in handy :)
Turn it inside out and once again loosely tie a rubber band
Around it, and turn it back to right side out.

You can make any little sock a hat,
You can tie it with ribbon or twine.

You are going to use snaps for the eyes, or 
very wee little buttons.
You need to have whole cloves for his nose!

He will also need a scarf!
To cut a thin strip about 1 inch wide,
But it must be at least 13 inches long to wrap nicely
Around his neck.
I also like to fringe the ends of the material I use.
You can buy and sweet little color fabrics that look
Classic Christmas or Rustic style!

Know tie the scarf around his neck
Hot glue the snaps for his eyes or buttons in place.
And also hot glue on his nose. 

Have fun decorating these little guys!

I have made these with little children,
And I have made these with a ladies group at Church.
Everyone just loves them!
I hope you will try this craft idea and if you don't find the time
This year save it in your craft file ideas for next year.

Items you will need:
White tube socks (cut in half)
Each tube sock makes two snowmen!
A bag of rubber bands
Cheap White Rice
(Each snowman takes about 2 cups)
A few socks for the hats.
You cut off only about 3 inches for each hat.
( A knee sock would make quite a few Hats)
(You can find some of these from your Goodwill store)
Scraps of material that match the hats!
Whole cloves
Wee Little buttons
Hot Glue gun!
You are going to love this craft!

I have some snowman I made many years ago.
Just remember to store them in a tub
Where the little critters might not get to them.

Have fun and enjoy the creativity God has given you!


  1. These are so fun to make! Especially with little kids, you should see all that rice a flying! Hee Hee!

    I still have so much to do and it feels like I'm running out of time. Sheesh!

    Oh well, let the good times roll.

    I hope you have a wonderful creative week!


  2. Roxy,
    I am so glad you posted these. I remember making these.... I would love to make them again, I think that Himilce might like making them with the kids and me.
    Love ya

  3. These snowmen brought back some very sweet memories Roxy! Talk about making me homesick! They are so cute! And so easy too! I love how full and plump you make yours! I think mine have been too skinny in the past :)

    I received your sweet email a few weeks back! It was such a moment of delight to get it. We had just been in the middle of moving. We are just about settled now. You will have to ask mom and she can give you a nice update :)

    Visiting yours and Amy's blog has really gotten me homesick. Not a bad homesick, but a very very good homesick feeling. I feel so joyful and happy thinking about all that you have posted. It is a taste of home. And it tastes soooo good!

    I love you so much Roxy!!! You are a treasure....

  4. Oh Roxy, these are a must to make! The snowmen are simply too cute! I may not get them made this year, but I would love to make some with my son next year. Thank you for sharing such sweetness.

    Love and hugs!

  5. These are very cute Roxy! Thanks for sharing :)



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