Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dress For The Occasion...

Okay, If even a chicken is willing to dress her best during the holidays,
Should we not also?

I want to bring this thought forward...
I was thinking of Queen Esther and how
She was preparing to meet the King!
She didn't just run a brush through her hair and called it good!
Rather she took time, and did all she could to be beautiful.

I sometimes feel grieved over how we are dressing down,
I think when we dress to look ready for the day,
We act differently!

Is it just me or have we shifted into such a leisurely look,
And so casual, we do not dress for many occasions at all!
Now, I always like to think that on Sunday mornings,
I am preparing to meet royalty (KING JESUS)

I declare and decree to all the land of ladies of Christ!
Dress for Him!
Shine like the Queens you are!
Even if it is for only for being in your palace!

I was so shocked to see the website with all
The different people shopping in Walmart,
And how badly they were dressed.
Mostly on purpose...

We dear ones have a high calling!
Dress for it!
Dress or Your King!

Sometimes I think we show dignity to others by the way we dress!
I think we can express strength in the way we dress!
How you dress will reflect His image!
Poorly or by honoring Christ?
You have a choice every morning as to how you will clothe yourself.
Choose well and be warm and cozy without
 Eliminating the feminine touch.



  1. Hi Rox,
    So nice to pause and read your lovely blog.
    It is true what you say. I do feel differently when I dress nicely. It does make you feel as if you are clothed in strength. Its the same with my car. When it is clean and nice, it makes me feel clean and nice. And vice versa when the opposite is true. You did look lovely today, by the way… a wonderful example of this truth. Talk to you soon.
    Love and blessings,

  2. Oh, just wanted to add, how wonderful it was to hear good news, today of baby Kalea. I do think a miracle is in the works.

  3. I've been years without much $ to spend on clothing. While I'm always in a skirt or dress, I don't feel I dress as nicely as I'd like. It is difficult to find nice clothing in large sizes that I can afford. However, I see now that I haven't any hair that even adding nice earrings and make-up make my old clothes look nicer on me. In time, I hope to lose some weight and take advantage of thrift stores. For now, I'll do the best I can.
    Be blessed,


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