Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wildflowers Will Bloom In A Drought And Floods...

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The Season is Changing

What is it that you desire this season?
Are you weary and tired?

We can all say that we have experienced times of uncertainty.
But when we learn to allow a gentle, quiet resolve in our emotions;
We will fair much better in each change of seasons and situations.

We have heard someone being spoken as being easy going.
I believe in many circumstance's it would be considered a compliment!

Do you really want to be contentious in your thoughts and words?

When I hear or see a woman being loud and rude;
Or a man,
I just cringe!
(We have become not Angry Birds, but people)

So many people are just plain tired and worn down;
We have left our guards down as women and the floodgates have been opened!
Our Homes, must be a safe Harbor

We have lost so much civility in our homeland.

But I may be an optimist at heart, but seeing the compassion
of so many willing to help strangers in their time of need;
Gives me great hope!

Look, we cannot save the whole ship that seems to be sinking.
But we sure can throw out a lifeboat to someone!

I find that if I watch very little to no news I do well;
If I watch the same desperate clips over and over again,
I feel a bit hopeless;
This is not biblical or healthy!

We are called to pray and to give if we can!
But these disasters, are things that can shock us!

But because we are saturated with doom and gloom;
We have a seared reaction switch.
I think many have more compassion for the animals than the people.
But we must have Mercy and compassion for all.

So once again, I am reminded I have a small arena of influence.
May I use it well, and bring comfort to those closest to me!

~A Word Of Encouragement~
~Showing Kindness~
~Being Home~

We must continue to be like the Wildflowers Ladies;
We must bloom where we are planted!
Even in droughts and floods!
For each season will pass...

Keep Growing Even In Difficult Season's

Living From Glory To Glory...


  1. Amen! I so agree with your words Roxy. I find myself avoiding most social media these days. It's much better to focus on God and my home.

  2. I personally know a group of millenials and they are vegan. They claim for health reasons and cruelty to animals. They are also, pro abortion. I have asked them (kindly), how they can support killing a baby (murder) amd fight till the end to save a chicken. I confess, it saddens me because it seems to do no good or change anything I say.
    Good post. Good reminders!
    God bless

  3. Such a thoughtful post and so timely. It is so easy to feel discouraged by world events and your reminder to bloom where we are planted is so grounding. Sending hugs and blessings for your weekend. xx Karen

  4. We do need to be the wildflowers in our world. We are in the world, but not of it. The chaos and gloom that is programmed into the media need not have rule in our homes. I no longer follow news. Not that I don't care about what may be happening. I find that as the Lord brings me into contact with needs and concerns I am able to help as I am able. We all have a sphere of influence and ability to be of help and comfort others. The Lord brings us opportunities to be of service to Him. Many get overwhelmed with the social activism in the world and forget that as believers we are to be more concerned for the souls of men than their physical needs (although that is important as well). We are only here for a short time on this earth...but what matters most is what is eternal...the souls of people. It is my great prayer that we minister to those we come in contact with each day and leave the rest to the Lord's direction.

  5. We each have a path that we follow. Done choose the wide path. Others take the narrow and rocky path.
    If we choose the narrow path, we can help clear the way if we remove a stone or two, along the way.

    Matthew 7:13-14

    “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."


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