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Can Cell Phones Cause You To Feel Pain In Your Head Or Temples?

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The Effects Of Using Cell Phones...

I am writing this article to warn you of the dangers of cell phone RADIATION

Do you really think that using a cell phone that emits radiation is not going to
 Cause a disruption of normal brain activity?

Truly think about this for a minute...

We just take it for granted, we are safe!

But I know that we are seeing now and will continue to see the effects
in ourselves and this next generation, than has grown up with this,
direct contact of radiation to their brains.

Your phone can get hot and it can even ignite!
You must realize the power that is being used.
It just serges radiation and can cause headaches!
Your temples feel inflamed!
Radiation in even small doses can cause cancer!

Look, I use my phone daily, most of us no longer even have a land line!

We have opted for convenience and this new system of connections.

I believe these phones disrupt our sleep patterns!

Make our heads feel fuzzy!

Some people will be more sensitive to these symptoms:
But even if you do not notice any symptoms, you can be sure
You are still getting some radiation!

Brain cancer is on the rise!
(I am not writing this article because my dear friend
 has just recently died of Brain Cancer!)

But rather because of some very strange feelings I have been having
while and after using my cell phone!!

You can use the speaker part of the phone!
Do not hold the phone close to your head!
(Each time you hold that phone to your ear, your head has now become an antenna)


Cell Phone Radiation is real...

What Is The Radiation Emmision Coming From Your Phone?


  1. I use a plug in receiver to my cell phone. It looks like the phones we know and love!It is made of plastic and a coiled cord plugs into your cell.
    They are on sale right now for 9.99 at Carol Wright Gifts.
    I do worry however about always holding it for internet. Even more reason to put the phone DOWN ALREADY!!

  2. It looks as if they no longer have them, but I just checked and they do. Search " Retro phone handset".

  3. Thank you Roxy for this important reminder. Have a blessed day!

  4. I have just recently been using the speaker phone feature on my phone, especially if I'm going to be on for more than a minute. I also make sure it doesn't sit close to my bed while I'm sleeping. It is worrisome.

  5. Hi Roxy, this is a subject I'm very much involved in where my home is concerned. My whole family has a major sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. You are very right that the radiation is real, and that it is damaging to us all. We have become a "wired" family...everything now has cords plugged in. We've gone back to the "old fashioned" phones. It was hard to find one, but the Lord provided. This goes for not only phones, but for all the "wifi" and "blue tooth" and smart meters installed on homes. Saturation is key they say..and the health toll on people is immense. Once you are aware of it, you'll find it everywhere...except out in God's creation. Praying you have a sweet day!


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