Friday, February 7, 2014

Fanning The Flame...

Love is like a fire...
It burns and gives us light and heat.
I love the comfort and safety of Love within the bounds that
Christ has given us!
"I Do"
Just two simple words
Profound and holds the secrets of Life.

Oh, let the fire burn
Hot and powerful!
Time passe's
Only embers reside in the space,

A fire requires someone to man it;
Do not leave a fire unattended.
(Evan Smokey the Bear knows this)

Someone must keep the fire going!
It will require fuel, oxygen and a spark!

A love with heart and passion is powerful!
That is why the enemy uses his lustful, feed the flesh
Tactics to make a woman feel, like she is not getting her 
Fair share, Love deprived...

Men show their Love a bit differently than we do!
(News Flash)
If they go to work each day he is saying I love you!
If he calls you on his break at work, he loves you!

We want romance
They want whoopee

Dear Ones, Fanning the flame requires a special recipe;
Get the owners manual and see what ingredients YOUR
Marriage is low on!

The Fire in our marriages is like any recipe;
You just have to tweak it a bit!

Add some more sugar,    HEART...
Honey is thick and golden and smooth,    OUR WORDS...
You must have a shake of salt,    PERSEVERE STAY STRONG...
Adding an egg keeps things light,    HAVE FUN...
Flour and grain will keep you full,   BE SATISFIED...

Stay close to HOME
Keep the HOME fire's burning HOT!

Will YOU be MINE?

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  1. LOVED this post, Roxy :) Thank you for sharing such an important message, one we need to remember!

    Blessings to you, sweet friend.

  2. I love the older woman wisdom you share. Thank you. I know you're not much older, but my momma died at 51. Anyone in their fifties
    qualifies. If I've misjudged your age, please forgive me. ~smile~

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Very wise words and an excellent reminder - couples do need to work hard to keep the love alive, but it is worth it.
    Have a wonderful weekend


  4. Again, thank you!
    Yes, we tend to do so many
    "other" things that we get busy. We must never forget to tend to our marriage!
    Blessed I am reading these words. Smile

  5. Such a lovely post, Roxy!
    Blessings :-)

  6. Oh, this is powerful, your words, perfect.

    (This is a simple "recipe" but sometimes over looked.)

  7. Hi Roxy! What a lovely post for Valentines Day! You are right, it you don't work on your marriage, it will become cold embers.

    Sounds like that's never going to happen to you :)
    Thank you for your encouraging words!
    Have a great party too,

  8. Aww... I just love how you write and it has sometimes given me today! I will be fanning tonight:)) And THANK YOU for sharing the post, dear friend :) Pray I get your button into the scrolling thing before daughter heads to India...its crazy here.

  9. Thank you for this timely encouragement!

  10. Hello Roxy :)

    Thank you for always encouraging us gals in our roles as wives. Romance is an important part of a marriage. I read years ago of a gal that would pray for the intimate part of her marriage and for protection in that area while making the bed. One of the best things I could have read, as that is what I do making our bed each morning :)

    I love finding ways to bless my husband :)

    Thank you Roxy and be blessed!


  11. Beautiful Post Rox, I am finally getting a minute to sit down and read and enjoy it; just love it.You have poetry inside you. It was such a nice, nice day; thank you so much for it. Wonderful food, fellowship and gifts. Talk to you soon.
    Love ya,

  12. Love, love it Roxy! Hunk a Hunk a burning love! lol! Yes, we need to kindle our fires. Loved the part about woman want romance men want whoppee!


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