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Women Want To Control...

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Women Want To CONTROL

This statement might make you angry!

But the truth of the matter, it is the truth...

Hello Ms. Bossy Pants, how does your garden grow?

"Well, it better do what I tell it to do!"

I can write this blog post because I am a woman!
I know that my strong sin nature desires to lead and to control!

Women are known for their strong opinions in most arenas.

Women in most households will run the whole place dominating
Conversations and about who what and where with most other things!

You have all heard the phrase control freak...

Well, when you first start learning to become a biblical woman,
You quickly see the force behind your always wanting to control!

And I think it is a wonderful character trait,
 To run your household well,and with efficiency!

But in our sin nature our desire is to control our husbands!
This is where we usually have to pray and work out our salvation;
In this area of becoming not dominant, but submissive.

Most men are pretty lenient with how we can have the freedom to
Organize and run our households.

But then we have some troubles knowing when we need to stop;
Controlling and manipulating our husbands.

Sometimes I am not even aware I am doing it, so then the Holy Spirit is gracious
and He helps me see the error in my words or my actions.
(It is usually a bit of both)

I am always learning and I have been married for years,
But I can tell you this dear ladies it is never to late to learn to
become more in line with scripture in our marriages.

I think most of us want to control our Husbands out of fear!
Fear of what our Husbands have done or what they might do!

But when we pray and train ourselves to stop this excessive controlling;
We might just find that the world does not crumble and fall apart.

If we would but learn to control our own thoughts and our words;
We would become that gentle and quiet one spoken of in scripture.

It does not mean you cannot voice, your heart or opinion!

It is just done with a different attitude and not an expectation of the
Outcome of him to follow your ideas or how you think it should be done!

I spoke therefore you do!
(In your MOMMY voice)

You are not his mommy!
 And he also has to learn to lead his wife and children!
Pray for him and work hard at doing YOUR part.

But if you will not stop FIRST controlling and manipulating him;
He cannot do what he is suppose to do!

We hear this all the time, well if he would just lead then I would submit!
Well girls that is not how it works...
He was created first and we must follow,
He is not to follow us...

Control feels like power to so many of us!
But to serve and to obey is like having a lovely opportunity
to act and be like Christ example to us!

I appreciate your visit to this blog!
I desire to live my life
~From Glory To Glory~


  1. Preach it, sister!! We all like to be the boss, don't we? And I agree, the biggest motivation behind it all is fear.

  2. Your message is so timely! I'm praying about how to best help my husband. Guess what our Lord has put in my path - that's right, submission, let go of him (control), obey him. Hard words for one who grew up in the feminist 70s.

  3. i don't lost me on this one. maddie

  4. Roxy, You have quite eloquently stated what is difficult for many Christian women to do. For some reason, we seem to think it means turning into a doormat, which it does not! We were created to be our husband's helpmeet, complementing him in his work and purpose in the Lord. It's a delicate balance but one that can be achieved by putting him (husband) before self, as Christ has done for the Church. Lovely words from you, my friend! {{hugs}}

  5. Roxy, I am so with you on this. I have never been a feminist. I grew up in the 70's and I never understood the culture that emerged then. It was a culture of rebellion. The Lord has written that he will write his laws on our hearts. He has truly done that with me because I just don't admire the popular modern culture we have gotten ourselves into. I used to be an open book accepting everyone, but now the Lord has shown me it is time to discern! Luckily, I married a man that also feels the way I do and is a Christian.
    Your truth is once again spot on my friend.

  6. I love your heart, Roxy....thank you for sharing the hard and not-so-popular things that we all need to hear. May the Lord give much grace and strength in our calling as women....He is faithful to enable us to do all we are called to in this life. How precious it is to have His guidance each step of the way. May the Lord help us to follow Him! Big Hugs, Camille


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