Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gift Of Hospitality...

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Why Simple And Basic Allows Us To Enjoy

We live in a day where we have so many choices;
So when I think about cooking or baking I do try to prepare some
very simple meals. And I also will make extra special foods,
As time or celebrations present themselves.

Right now my refrigerator is stuffed and the counters have
So many goodies, that it immediately overwhelms ones senses.

But we are all in preparation for the greatest food holiday!
So we must take pleasure and enjoy all the goodies!
But we can use a bit of common sense and use a bit of moderation.
Don't Eat The Whole Pie

I think even the smells and aromas are healing in many ways.
Food can bring us together...
Breaking bread and fellowship as families and friends.

I do believe that many women have the gift of a hospitality,
That is really baking and sharing their lovely homemade goods!
Exercise your gift and give thanks and to share with others.

We always think we have to do a huge ministry;
But I think food made with love will nourish a weary soul!

Use the gift of food when you have a get together;
Or take something to your hubby's office or your own work place.
Make a pan of brownies or an appetizer sort of goodies.

I have always felt like a snack offered at a meeting had a way
Of diffusing some stress.

Hungry people can feel a bit cranky!
Did you know most men say that their favorite holiday is Thanksgiving?

I always envision and hope that my home is a happy place!
I am so thankful for the bounty!
So when you have extra time to bake up some hospitality;
Do some delicious goodies such as
Cookies and quick breads and put them in the freezer to grab and serve!

Tomorrow will be busy prepping and preparing
Do Not Stress, but rather take pleasure!



  1. Blessings to you Roxy! Wonderful post that fits perfectly into this week. Guess we are going to get some snow this week; we won't get as much as those higher up. Hope you have a joy filled Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. A lovely little reminder :)

    Thank you.

  3. I love to bake and cook and share with family and friends. My first year not hosting our family around our table for Thanksgiving so it is a little traumatic for me :-) We are now full timing in a motorhome so it brings some changes. My daughter has stepped up and will do a beautiful job in my place and we will make some new memories around their table I know.

    Thank you Roxy for being a special blessing to me via your blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Blessings from Arizona

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Roxy! It is already Thursday here. How I wished we had a Thanksgiving in Australia because we have so much to be thankful for and I would love to set a Thanksgiving Table! Seeing I have Puritan ancestors who were early settlers in New England maybe I could celebrate it one year! I have been pondering lately what you said about always thinking we have to do a huge ministry. There is a tendency within churches to highlight the ones who establish ministries which are seen and are conducted outside the home. They are the ones invited to speak and share their testimonies. I think it was Angus Buchan who said 'Revival begins at the kitchen door'. For our family it is true - we have reached and ministered to more people (from next door neighbours to young people from other countries) via our kitchen and by opening up our home than in any other meeting or ministry. We should never underestimate the ministry of hospitality!


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