Saturday, June 1, 2013

Imagine All The People...

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 If we the people could just really love and care for one another.
What a change it would incur on our cities and families
We are all just passing through.
 Time is so precious! 

 I have always thought that if I was just kind and smiled it would change the atmosphere.
 And on the most part I can feel the shift.

But there are times when it feels hard and stiff, and even dark.
Why do we stop and smell the roses in some stretches of our days and others,
We do not even see?

Today is almost over and I have a sad feeling of being not loved by those that passed me by.
Yet, I feel a peace that I was able to be kind to a few, and to exchange a smile, and nod.
~Imagine all the people we could of encouraged with just a smile~



  1. I am sorry you have had that kind of day, Roxy. I think we all have one of those once in a while....and just look forward to the next, hopefully better, day- Bless you- know that you are well loved here- xo Diana

  2. I remember when it seemed people were more caring and loving, when I lived in a small town in GA growing up. I pray I can show God's love to others like that.


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