Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Having Followers

Having  followers...
I try to live my life as a follower of Jesus,
Every day is a new challenge.
I want to be an example to others.
Yet, it is a great responsibility to lead.
I was thinking last night
 That having that little box on my sidebar
On my blog
 That reads " followers"
 Was saying something to me!
Then as I prayed about it through the night!
I awoke around 5:30 a.m. and I knew,
I look at the box daily!
As if this box is a gauge of whether my words hold any weight or worth?
I will not be a captive to this box or the number any longer!
I am free to write and post and publish as He leads me!
I want even my Blog to reflect His leading!
Taking responsibility of leading others;
But I can only share what I have been taught.
So, I am taking off the Followers Box!
But, I pray many will visit and learn and grow as I am also.
For there are many deserts we will pass through,
But, I trust Him for the flowers in my life
May I be a wise woman tending the sheep he has given me!



  1. When I first started my blog the number of followers was a big thing to me. Thankfully I soon began to settle down to blogging for me and not just as a constant competition to have more followers than the next blog!

  2. I no longer care about numbers... in fact, I would be happier in my blogging journey, if it disappears completely from my dashboard :) I write as Our Lord leads. I don't particularly count how many people visit or not. Not interested really :) Thank you so much for sharing. m.

  3. Can you hear me clapping? Good for you! I bet you feel like a load was taken off your shoulders.
    I think I will have to follow your journey.

  4. Roxy- Why don't you consider putting a "follow by email" thing on your sidebar? No number will show up that way but then people will get you in their email inbox. I find that if people can't follow in some way they forget to visit. Just a thought. I know that people get so tied up with getting numbers. I only had a very few followers for the first 3 years I blogged. Under 100 I think...and then it just kind of "caught on". Just keep doing what you are doing and write about what you love.
    I hope you had a great day- xo Diana

  5. I too don't let the followers box rule. It matters not to me if 1 or 1,000 people follow me. It matters to me that the ones who do read because they are interested in what I write about or just because they have come to know me as a "friend" and enjoy reading about the goings on in my life as I do theirs...:)
    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. Don't worry about the followers. I am sorry that it bothers you and distracts you. It used to for me as well. You are so right that what really matters is writing as the Lord leads--not how many people "follow" our blogs. I know I click on "follow" for a lot of blogs I like as a way to come back to them and read when I have time. But honestly I rarely have time because that is the season I'm in. We're all in different seasons of life--try to make your focus on the Lord and yes, as you said, trust Him for your followers, for who reads and pray those that do--whether it be one or many--get something valuable out of it. ♥

  7. I say "Amen" to what all the ladies above have said. And I add that I like having the freedom not to have the followers box saying things to me. I just don't even think about it anymore. Hope you have a great weekend Rox. I'll miss ya. We are off this morning; I am supposed to be getting ready to go, but here I am stealing a very quick moment to blog a tiny, wee little bit; he hehe
    Love ya,

  8. You go girl! Numbers mean nothing. You got a great gifting of wisdom and encouraging others and you don't need some darn number to tell you any different!
    (And, my computer seems to be working way better)
    Love ya,

  9. This is something to think about. The Holy Spirit must speak through us and God must receive all the glory! Thank you for being a blessing.


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