Thursday, July 10, 2014

How To Fill Love Tanks And Hourglasses By Loving Your Husband...

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Loving Your Husband...

Love will cover a multitude of sins.
Love will prosper and fill a life full of grains of weight;
Love is the teeny tiny bits of sand that have come from the one;
True rock of ages.

Women have a special calling and a place to fill love tanks!

She is firstly called to fill her Husbands tank:
Now, I am asking you to check the love gauge that shows the love level.
Where is this gauge located?

It is in your words on how you respond to him;
Our they bitter and harsh?
Or are the kind and sweet?

It is in making yourself ready for his needs...
Your to tired and you do not feel well;
Your needs always come before his;
He worked all day, But so did you...
Worldly reasoning releases you from fulfilling your wifely privileges.
Did you know,
 By making love to your husband you will produce;
Feel good hormones?

Does your husband get fed?
Can he count on you always making an effort to feed him?

Can your Husband trust you to keep the chaos out of the home?
We are to watch what and who we open the door too!

Small grains of sand our falling through your hourglass today,
So may we learn to love those closes to us
as  that is our first call to ministry.

I have each day to love and encourage my Husband;
Will I rise to the task?
Will I be the one to fill his love tank?
Will I choose to love my husband or myself above all else?

Remember our husband get very tired and hot this time of year;
We need to make sure you have something cold to drink in the fridge.
Meals prepared that our good and refreshing!
Plan some alone time to love on him!
Try to have a little get away to rekindle your marriage!

Hourglasses and love tanks go hand in hand, my friend...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

May we walk alongside our Husbands!
We are not to lead them;
We are not tag behind like a child;
We are called to encourage their hearts!
Make every grain of sand count, build a legacy that will last!


  1. You just bless my life & encourage me....all the time!
    Thank you Lord for this sister to share, encourage, teach and direct us to YOU & who we are to be serving Lord! I know my hubby is blessed as well ;)
    Blessings & a hug~

  2. A very sweet post Rox. We are very blessed with such a special gift of good and godly men. It is a pleasure to honor and love them. Have a great evening.
    Love and Blessings,

  3. A very good post. I too am blessed to have a wonderful godly man. I enjoy doing the everyday chores of the home and doing little things to please him.

    Enjoy your blog!


  4. Thank you Roxy for the encouragement.

  5. You have such a way with words Roxy! I loved this and how true it is. Thanks for the gentle reminder. I hope you have a beautiful Friday!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. You have such a way with words Roxy! Your encouragement always makes me smile. Thank you :)

  7. Love the metaphor of the "tank"! We have a sacred trust to fill our husbands' love tans, haven't we? Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. You have certainly encouraged me today. My husband has been going through a lot lately. I needed this!

  9. Thanks for posting this encouraging post at So Much at Home.
    God bless.


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