Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disrespecting Your Husband...

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He looks upon his wife as his most trusted confidants!
Or do you repeat every confidence he speaks to you?

I have heard too many things over the years that I believe were meant
To be private, and unreported.

We must make allowances for some of these things that are spoken;
They may be spoken while tired or angry!
We can all attest to saying something we did not mean to say!

So we must remember that when our Husbands speak in confidence to us,
We are not given the liberty to repeat it!

If you are not sure if it is something you should repeat;
Ask Your Husband if you should mention it to anyone?
I would rather ask him if I should repeat something, then to feel
Very bad that I broke confidence!

He needs to know that He can trust you with his sorrow or frustration!
We all need a safe place to speak about such things!

By keeping confidence you are showing respect for your Husbands name!
We do not want to be the ones bringing reproach upon our own Husbands
And families!
A good name is very valuable...

An older woman many years ago told me this very statement!
She said:

Are you guilty?
We have even done this all in the name of fun!
BIG mistake...
A man needs to be shown honor and integrity!
And if you make light or fun of his sharing his heart he will stop!
Then you whine and complain He never tells me anything.

If you are guilty of this type of behavior ask him to forgive you!
Ask the Lord to forgive you!
We need to learn to ZIP it...

Just because they said it; does not give us permission to repeat it!
And if you are in the habit of speaking badly about your Husband to yourself
Or to any of the others listed below
Parents, or children, or girlfriends, you are sinning!

As an older woman I beseech you to stop this disrespecting
Of Your Husband...

Ask the Lord to set a guard over your mouth!


  1. Guilty even though I don't want to be. I'll be talking to Father about it again tonight. Thank you for being my "older woman".

  2. So true, it's sad with men or women bag their spouse.

  3. Hi Rox,
    This is not something that is temptation to me, because I have a love and honor for my hubby that is constant. We have a sweet ease of trust and respect in our marriage relationship that is solid. But you have given good advice; honor, love and respect must be taught and cultivated. Have a lovely week.
    Love and blessings,

  4. I applaud any wife who realizes her ways, as wrong and repents!
    Roxy, you are such a wise, truthful and needed, "older" woman!
    Your words are go deep.
    Bless you!

  5. I totally agree with you Roxy and even if I get a little upset at my hubby, I never talk abou thim to others. That is just wrong...:( Great post my friend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. You have once again spoken truth, Roxy! Thank you for the reminder to be respectful to, and of, my husband.

  7. Excellent, excellent advice! I was told this during my engagement and felt it was the best words for a young married woman. Especially don't complain to your mother about him! Your mother will go on holding a grudge and lessen her love for the son-in-law while you had forgiven him long ago! Mums the word always in marriage so that your "husband doth safely trust in you"...

    Thank you for sharing these gems at the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  8. I am always cringing when ladies criticize their family members on line, in public. I rarely mention anyone in my family, out of respect for theirs and my privacy.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    More than thirty years ago a sister-in-law poured her marriage troubles on me, a newlywed. Well into the night of that camp meeting she cried on my "shoulder." I fell asleep, too weary to listen to more complaints.

    When I told my husband about this "conversation," he said, "If I knew you told someone else about all my faults and failures, I would be horrified and so angry with you!"

    I learned a great lesson about my husband's perspective that day. We wives need to keep our mouths quiet, and often. "Take it to The Lord in prayer." A wife's prayers for her husband will help her respect and reverence him as the precious gift from God that he is.



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