Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Reading Is Good For The Heart And Mind...

In a world of omnipresent screens filled with every movie imaginable, we
Can easily forget the cozy, simple pleasures of curling up with a
good book!

There are so many benefits to reading!
I want to share a few of them with you all  to help you see the importance
of reading for yourself. And to help your children and Grand Children
  learn an appreciation for a love of reading.

Reading imparts so many things we need;
An imagination and inspiration!
Every character in every story had to come alive in someones imagination!

Very Sweet

See even the Beauty knows reading is good for you!

By losing yourself for even a few short minutes, seven to be exact
 can bring your stress level way down. It allows you an escape from
the cares and worries of the stress of everyday life.

Reading also will keep your brain sharp!
"The brain is an organ in the body, and just as physical activity strengthens the heart
and your muscles, intellectual activity will strengthen the brain."
A lifetime of reading is a very wise thing to do!

New information will inspire you,

Also reading before bedtime may help you sleep better;
This is usually a book I have just for reading a little bit before sleep
to de-stress and relax. I do not read one that is so exciting I can't put it down
and it keeps me up all night :o)

I have also experienced for myself a real lift of compassion and love
for others through a well written story.
 We all need a boost of empathy at times.

 I have always loved reading books on being a better wife or mother.
We might call them self help books. But I like to think of them as
Teachings of wisdom on different subjects.

Yes, it is.


  1. As you said reading is a very good habit. We can know many things by reading different books than asking to others. Our knowledge will get increased and we can talk many things to others too.
    My kid has just started to read story books by himself. I was happy to see that!

  2. I LOVE reading and read every day. I surround myself with books and feel quite lost if I don't have one with me. With a house full of books (and running out of space) I have started to read books from my local library (which has an excellent collection) as it helps with costs. My parents loved reading and they passed that gift onto my brothers and I and I have passed it onto my sons. Life without books is all rather terrible!!!

    PS I always read for an hour before I go to bed, the best way to end the day.

  3. Reading before bedtime is a good way to knock oneself out. Read the most boring book possible. =D

    Our tv is seldom on for more than two hours a day: Local and national news, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Ken Jennings is making a return to Jeopardy today and I am very eager to see that. I know that he has done a lot of reading!

    I can tell that you enjoy self-help books on family, home, and being a good wife and mother. I enjoy ones on creating a pleasing home myself.

  4. When we lost the phones and internet last week, I actually finished a novel I had started a while ago.. it was wonderful…. need to do more of that. Lovely post.

    Gonna give you a call this morning you going to be home?
    Love and blessings,

  5. Can you even imagine not reading or showing an interest in books. I am afraid I still love holding a book in my hand as opposed to a Nook or tablet. Not the same. It's such a gift isn't it? You have such lovely posts Roxy! Enjoy them all!

  6. I think love of reading is one of the best things we can instill in our kids/grandkids. Luckily- I have kids that love to read and learn. What a blessing that is. I don't care much for the electronic books- I still like the feel of a real book in my hands- xo Diana

  7. Hi Roxy! That last meme made me laugh out loud! But it's really true. I'd rather have my nose in a book anyway. When you are in the middle of a good one, you just wish it would never end.

    My daughter and the grandchildren left this morning. I already know they made it safely, so that is a huge blessing. I hope you are doing well. You are in my prayers always.

  8. I love reading! I always have a book within reach :) I also like to read right before turning off my light to go to sleep. So relaxing.

    ( My Whatever is Lovely link-up party will be up on Friday. I would love for you to come and participate. )

  9. Roxy,
    Aha!!! NOW I am following you! Blogger was cooperative tonight!
    And thank you for affirming the benefits of reading. I haven't ever voiced these things, but as an avid reader...yes! It IS stress relieving, brain strengthening, and a simple pleasure.

  10. Love the picture at the end and I totally agree with you. Reading is such a pleasure...:) I hope you're having a great week!

    Blessings, Vicky

  11. So true! A favorite book is like an old friend. Love the pictures you chose. Just perfect!


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