Friday, April 4, 2014

Preparing For Easter...

Hello Dear Ones
Can you believe Easter is right around the corner?

I was hopping this little reminder would help you to start preparing!
Waiting to the last minute can cause stress and a bit of a holiday (What)

So get our your notebook and start making your list;
What are you making for dinner?
Will you be having company or will you be going to another home to celebrate?
Get the Easter egg dye for coloring the eggs!
Find some gifts that are Christ centered;
A new Bible, a cross necklace, A T-shirt,
Invite family and friends (Time and what to bring)
Read the Easter account in the Bible for yourself and to the little ones!

Don't forget your special bread you bake with the Easter eggs in it!
Get your Ham!
Make a nice mustard sauce for the ham!!!
Asparagus and a fresh salad for the pretty green color!
It represents life, and 
Jesus is Alive!!

Let not the world have Easter, Dear Ones!

Get on board early, take command of this day!

Vintage Clip Art - Bunnies & Kitten - The Graphics Fairy

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  1. Hello, my dear Roxy! I am FINALLY catching up on my favorite blogs :) How have you been, sweet friend?

    Your post made me smile and get even more excited about this beautiful time of Easter. My church always has a SONrise service in the morning and we go up on the mountain to watch the sun come up while having a small service. We then go back to the church and enjoy breakfast. After that it's time to head home to get ready for the morning service. My mom or mother-in-law always makes a delicious Easter lunch and I think this year we will be at my in-laws.

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend! Love to you!

  2. Oh- I love Easter- Just love it. I can't believe how quickly it will be here.

    Pop by tomorrow and see MY LITTLE EASTER basket special!!!! xo Diana

  3. Easter is coming fast. Like your idea of making a list of what needs to be done. Have been starting my planning, buying some Easter treats and thinking about the meal and who all will be coming.

    It seems the world wants to take God out of every holiday, so sad.

    So good to know we serve the risen Saviour who is in the world today!


  4. Hi Rox,
    I've been thinking about Easter myself. I enjoy the planning part of things. We've been talking of going down to Phoenix for Passover/Easter.
    We'll see. We have loved coming to your house at Easter, it has been very special. What are you and Amy cooking up this year? Love your bunny pictures,
    especially the first one.

  5. Easter will be different for us this year. My husband is opening a restaurant at the Precious Moments Chapel the next morning! Early to bed early to rise!


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