Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Beauty Of Deep Cleaning...

File:Bella Rosa (Kordes 1981).JPG
Bella Rose

My eyes long for a focal point of something lovely to gaze upon
 in every place of my home.
A picture they say speaks a thousand words.

Whether I am adorning my walls or mantels or a dresser top, it feels good
To make each of them pretty, yet useful.
I do not like things to look cluttered or cluncky (My own word)

I am sure many of you lovely ladies have been Spring cleaning;
It is really good for one's self and her family to deep clean.
We all have a wee bit of a pack rat within us.

I had a wise woman tell me years ago, that if  I would make the time
To clean out my silverware drawer or tidy a counter top daily, things would
Stay manageable in my home. I think this has worked very well!

But deep Spring cleaning is where you tackle those closets and drawers
 and those
Places you close the door too!

I like to take one room at a time and ask other family members to help.
This is a time of training...
We have a whole generation of young women who have never learned,
The art of home cleaning!

Spring cleaning is where you move everything to vacuum under it!!
You wash the window's in that room and the window coverings,
(Blinds, curtains, and sheers.)

It is also a good time to rearrange your pictures on the walls,
 And the knickknacks on your end tables and such.
Our interior homes will reflect, the time we invest in making them,
Cozy, clean, and functional.

I have about sprayed painted every picture frame and basket in my,
home many times over the years.
I have made new curtains, and changed out bedspreads.
These are cost effective and a chance to redecorate
 with what you already have.
I keep a large tub that I use for knickknacks that I am able to change them out,
And they make a room look newly decorated, with things you loved in the past.
We are always buying new things, and we are quickly tired of them;
So, I have learned the fine art of rotating my treasure.
You can change them out according to the season's
(Spring, Summer and Fall and Winter)

I like to do this with drapes and my dishes!
My bedspreads and even rugs.
Your HOME is your sphere of influence.

I want to just mention how all you amazing ladies' posts so many,
wonderful recipes and decorating ideas.
You all inspire me!!
I really enjoy visiting your pretty blogs, And I love seeing how
Your love for your families show in what you do and prepare for them.

I am blessed to see your devotion to your Hubby's and HOMES!
But your love for the Lord, gives me the greatest Joy...


  1. Well Roxy, you inspire me!
    I love to deep clean,one room at a time. I do it year round. But, our home is very small (750 sq. ft.).
    So it's real easy to deep clean, anytime.

  2. As I was reading, I felt the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit that maybe I needed to do some deep cleaning in my spirit. Whew! I needed that! Oh yeah, I need to clean a bit around the house-maybe next week:)

  3. Oh wow! Thank you so much for that!! We are currently working at this! :) Thank you for giving us a booster!
    Lots of love and hugs to you!!
    Jessica from To everything There is a Season

  4. Miss Roxy! I am so in love with that lovely print! I do the same thing....instead of buying new, I move what I have from place to place. Seems like those Easter bunnies have been all over the house these past few weeks! Lovely post!

  5. Roxy
    So many good ideas!
    I like the idea of rotating our decorations. It keeps the home looking fresh, I think.
    I did a very thorough cleaning in my home before we take off for the summer. It feels so good to come home to fresh home.

  6. We've been deep cleaning the restaurant that we're opening after Easter. Yuck.

    It's made me see dirt in my house that I hadn't seen.

    I've got lots of cleaning to do.

  7. What a beautiful painting at the top - it is very old worldly and delicate.

    We don't spring clean here in Australia quite like you do in the USA. I had a discussion with my cousin about this and we assumed it was perhaps due to our milder weather that we don't do it - it certainly isn't a tradition. I clean all year round and every now and again venture into the cupboards, usually in summer when I have spare time.

    I don't own that many ornament to change them per season so I add things like flowers or pot plants to brighten up a space. And I am often amused about the change decorations per seasons as this is also a very American thing to do!! It shows that whilst we as countries are very similar, we are also very different in thinking!


  8. Rox,
    You have inspired me. I always notice how you have changed out your house, now I love to hear about the details of how you do it. What a good idea to have a bin of treasures to exchange. That would help me; I think I need to do that. I have always loved how you spray paint things. It is fun to see what you are up to each season and it always looks so good. I started spring cleaning last week. Haven't felt as shiny this week, so feel a little slow and behind again. I am going to have to do some more in the next few days. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Love and Blessings,

  9. Hello Roxy,

    I sure did enjoy your post today. I did my deep cleaning early this year as we made some major changes in our home due to my inner ear/balance disorder. Had to make the home "user friendly" for me. I love the changes!!

    I too heard years ago at a ladies conference to daily clean out drawers, cupboards and such to keep things in order. When my daughters were young and I would be on the phone I would make good use of my time and wipe down things in the kitchen so as not to waist precious time.
    Many times you need to be on the phone just to minister to women.

    Have a beautiful blessed day.

  10. We used to go to my great grandfather's and spring clean his house. He was a widower. Happy Easter Roxy.


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