Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Organize Your Recipes...

Every Women needs a place to keep her recipes,
 quick and orderly...
To rely too heavily on the internet is not really wise.
How many times have we all experienced the internet being down or not
having the precise recipe we are looking for.
Let's think about for a moment what makes a good dish or combination 
of foods really special?
The taste of course, but the memories that are associated with certain
recipes are the best part of cooking;
Especially during holidays and birthdays and family get togethers.

Here is what I did to have my favorite recipes handy and organized and protected.

Firstly, purchase a box of plastic covering sheets,
Also purchase a few vinyl notebooks.
I did make a few different categories with my plan!

Here is where you put all your Main Course recipes and Side Dishes!
All my casserole dishes go into this one. All my delicious stews and soups.
Salads and Rice recipes.

I have so many Breads and Muffin recipes!
I find it easier to just pull out the notebook that has my Breads!
The staple of life! 
Have you tried my Pumpkin Bread recipe?
Really, it is the BEST ever...
It makes three loaves at a time, one to eat, and one to freeze, and one to give away!
Click Here

Now, in this little Large notebook is my Sweets!
I once heard a friend say that her first tooth she cut was a sweet tooth...
I do think that is a true statement
(As I read it on the Internet also)
(And I also heard they can't print anything that is not true)

Now, this is filled with so many special and dear to my heart recipes of
Cookies and cakes and cream puffs!

Your collection of recipe  should be very special and pretty looking.
 As they really are heirlooms for your family and children to pass on!
Taking care of them and preserving them is a wise thing to do!

You will need a bit of pretty paper and some craft scissors,
Sticky adhesive photo splits.

What I did was put out a large card table, and started going through my box of recipes.
Then I started arranging them, I put them in stacks of the categories I chose,
from the above notebooks.You can have as many as you want.
Or make it as easy and simple as you would like!

I used my printer and recopied some of them, others I just slid them
into a plastic sheet protector. 
It was so much fun to read over so many recipes.
Now, this is where I made the decision on what recipes to keep and those to toss.
I asked myself if it was not family history or an heirloom to me, if I 
had not ever made this or had no future plans on doing so out it went.

This was a couple of weeks in the making, as I did take my time 
and enjoyed the process. 
So I encourage you ladies to think about making up your own,
Family and your Mothers or Grandmothers special recipe notebooks.
This project might be something to do this summer
  when it is too hot to go outside.
In my case I did do it this last winter when it was too cold to go outside!


  1. I love this, Roxy! Definitely going to do this sometime since my recipe box is very full and somewhat messy :)

    Thanks for the inspiration, my friend. Take care!

  2. Roxy, These are great ideas. I luckily had my on-line recipe book, full of my recipes, printed and in binders, like you. Because about a year ago, hubby did something to my computer that required drastic measures to get back on track {it's never really been the same since then either}...and he allowed HP to re-set my factory settings, without even telling me and without saving anything I had on my computer to a Memory Stick. All my recipes, family photos and everything else, with the exception of a few...GONE! I hope everyone who has recipes, pictures and whatever special things saved on their computers, make hard copies or at least save them to a Memory Stick!! Have a great weekend! Jan ♥

  3. I really use a lot of those plastic covering sheets. Great invention!
    Your use, is very helpful, especially the way I cook. I spill and splatter everywhere. Wipe it off and I'm good to go.
    I also use those sheets for my grandchild's art work. I put the masterpiece in a sheet and then into a 3-ring binder. Each child has there own.

  4. Great idea! I use the plastic sheets and binder system for crafting patterns and in my classroom. It's nice for me to just slip the paper in and not have to rewrite it. Happy Friday!

  5. Great ideas for organizing. I wish I could play at your house!
    Please drop by!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. I have been meaning to organize my recipes forever! I even have them sitting out in my dining room in a box waiting for me to start. I like your system and had thought about doing something similar. This project will be a great way to sue of a lot of scrapbook paper and things I have in my craft room. My sweets recipe book will probably be my biggest! LOL...:) Have a wonderful weekend...Vicky

  7. I did something SIMPLEr. :-). Years ago I hired a girl to type up every one of my recipes... in a large font. Before I printed three sets of each recipe, I added my own memories about them at the bottom. Finally, I made two color photocopies of each handwritten recipe card.

    I bought a huge supply of clear sleeves and put the 8.5 x 11 printed recipe in each sleeve. I also inserted the photocopied recipe card in that respective sleeve.

    The three sets were: one for me and one for each of my children. I then bought colored notebooks: orange, purple, gray, two shades of green, etc. I then organized one notebook for each category: Bread & Eggs; Bars & Cookies, Cakes; Cobblers & Pies; Entrees & Casseroles; Appetizers, Beverages & Soups. (I think that's all...) I labeled the spines because my sons-in-law love to prepare these recipes, too. We all can add our other new recipes, of course, and like you, this is a fun way to record memories that otherwise might be forever lost.

    1. I forgot:

      I have Pasta with the Entrees and Casseroles.

      I also have a notebook of Salads & Vegetables.

  8. Great idea, Roxy. I did something similar about a year or so ago. I also made two recipe "boxes"- one is tried and true recipes and the other is recipes-to-try. Since I did that I have tried several new recipes and either moved them to the box of favorites or tossed them. xo Diana

  9. Its a great idea to keep recipes neat and tidy. I usually print out my recipes from the net and if I like them I keep them, if they didn't go down so well - they get tossed!! Yours look very pretty.

  10. Turned out cute! I did this a few years ago, but have since quit printing off so many recipes. If a recipe doesn't make the double thumbs up stamp of approval, I don't make it anymore. I'm bookmarking recipes on the iPad and using that these days, but you are right, one should not depend totally on the www.

  11. What a great job you did with saving your recipes, my Mom did something similar to this a few years ago, she not only shared her favorite recipes but she also added thoughts, I truly treasure this gift from her.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leaves such a sweet comment, feel free to pin anything from my blog, I truly am humbled!

  12. Good Morning, A great idea to preserve and organize treasured recipes. Wishing you a blessed day.

  13. You have a lovely blog Roxy. I love the feminine look and feel of this place ;)I would love to link up with you tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!

    P.S. I also do a recipe book for our tried and true recipes... Love this binder system.

  14. Love this idea, Roxy. I need to do this! Thank you for joining Grace at Home--I'm featuring you this week!

  15. I think you have just encouraged me to change the way I am saving my recipes. Hmmmm....Thank you for the inspiration. Found you through Imparting Grace's link up. :-)


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