Saturday, April 19, 2014

Springtime and Life...

Days and nights
Nights and days...

What do I have to say?
The word tells us there is nothing new under the sun.

I long for the sweet and simple...
I think that is why I am always drawn to pictures from artist that
are from days that seem gentle and kind.

We must always keep our hearts in tune with the heartbeat of our King!
We all can sense the change that is happening before our very eyes.

I choose to keep my heart and eyes focused on the calling on my life.

We can feel so insignificant and that who we are,
Or, what we are doing makes little or no difference.

But I know holding steady in your walk
 With the Lord is a more powerful statement,
Then we may ever fully realize.

When you stay married when it was tough,
You're really a living example of Christ and His Church.

When you love others as Christ loved His Church,
It is the example that will change a heart.

We are here now;
For such as a time as this...

When the trials come at you in this world,
Stop and remember;
The trial of Jesus...
His death and burial and His

The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives within us!
We are stronger than we realize for it is His power that dwells within us.

He is alive forevermore interceding on our behalf!

Matthew: 28
File:Allingham-01 lapin.jpg

Remember some Bunny Loves You...
Jesus Christ


  1. Very good word Rox. More than ever we need to focus in on Him, and all that He has already done for us, so that we can remain in Him no matter what goes on around us. Lovely post. Also, loved the potato salad post previously… it looks just delicious. Have a wonderful Easter.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Yes and as your header says, He is transforming us from glory to glory where then we will be complete in Him.

  3. Roxy...very wise thoughts and words, indeed. I so agree with you that this world that we live in is quite a mess and like you, I also long and crave those simpler days. There have been so many horrible things that have happened around the word in just the past month or so and I find myself wondering sometimes, how much longer God will wait to send His Son back for His bride. I know it's not for us to know...we just need to do His will and live like it will happen in the next minute. Thank you for this reminder! Have a wonderfully blessed Resurrection Day!

  4. What a beautiful post, Roxy! It is good to remember what Easter is really about-not that it is about candy and bunnies. xo Diana

  5. Beautiful and encouraging. Happy Resurrection Day!


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