Sunday, April 20, 2014

Preciousness Of Life...

File:Baby lamb.jpg

Wee Little Lamb...
There is just something about little animals, and babies!
It is the newness and preciousness of life.
In the Springtime it is so sweet to see the new baby calves and the
wee little lambs.
We ordered a new batch of baby chicks last week and they said
they have never been this busy!
So due to the large quantity of orders, we will be waiting for a bit longer,
For our chicks to arrive. I have always told my Hubby until we have
everything in place for their arrival, we don't order them.
So now it looks like we are ready well in advance.

How ready are you for having to wait upon someone else timing?
How much training have you had on waiting for God's timing?
Having an ear to hear must be important;
Because He says in His word many times
(May you have ears to hear)

I heard the Lord speak to me a week ago and He said the
Trials are coming...
I did not know if He just meant for my family or many others.
We experienced the trials and felt their pain this last week.

I am going to share a true real life story with you.
As I was driving my sweet Daughter in law to a Dentist appointment,
a few days ago. She was very ill and still is, as she had a root canal go
very bad. She is still waiting for some relief from the pain and infection.
So she is in the car highly medicated and very sick.
She is sleeping as I am driving.
We are on a major street and I get this sick feeling in my stomach and
I just know we are about to drive into a shoot out!
( I am not making this up!)
I make the very next right and drive very fast!!
Then we hear it ...
Cars screeching their tires!
My daughter sits up and she is wide awake,
And I calmly tell her;
We just avoided a shoot out!
I never watched the news that night,
I didn't need to!
I knew what I knew...
Well the rest of the family did watch for it on the news; and it did happen
Just as I knew it did!
God does protect us!
He does direct our steps.
He cares about life, and he wants us to always value the gift of life!

We have aborted way too many lives in this world...
God does not want us to abort our dreams...
He has a destiny and plans for each of us...
He will take total chaos and create life,
He spoke into the darkness;
And there was light!

Our you experiencing trials?


  1. What a story. I think you have a guardian angel watching over you for sure. Hope your daughter heals quickly. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Wow! God did indeed protect you and your DIL! How blessed we are when we have seen just how with our own eyes. It just reinforces what we already know. He is always there watching over us.

    Thank you for your visit and I agree with you about the china we will be using in heaven. It will be the most beautiful we have ever imagined. Have a lovely week, Roxy.


  3. Miss Roxy....your guardian angel must have been talking to fragile life can be. I hope your daughter-in-law gets relief soon! Your posts are lovely reminders and so comforting!

  4. Oh, Roxy,
    I am so thankful and *gasp* amazed that it happened... to be so near a shootout with real guns and police and bad guys! The nearest I've been to a shoot-out is with my boy as they did target practice. Praise God you are both safe, but we need to pray for your daughter-in-love. May the Lord restore and heal her completely! God bless you this week and fill you with joy inexpressible and full of glory as you worship the Lord Jesus! May He continue to shine through you!

  5. I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit guided you and gave you wisdom. He is good! We have had a lot of shootings here in KC in the last two months. Jesus said in the last days, lawlessness will abound. I am sorry you have been through a lot of trials lately. God bless you. I have been super busy here and have not been a good blog friend lately.

  6. Oh my goodness, Roxy! I am so glad you and your daughter-in-law are safe! What divine intervention! Have you taken a breath yet? Yes, I truly believe that our great God is able to give us guidance and the ability to avoid tragedy. Praise be to Him! I also pray your DIL will soon be well and going strong! And to answer your question at the answer is yes.

  7. Praise God for his mercy, and loving kindness! I hope your DIL is mending. Your post is amazing!
    Thank you for visiting Seashells and Lavender.
    Yes, our family is experiencing a trial at the moment. God is using circumstances for HIS glory, and a life change for my son in law.
    Enjoy your week.


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