Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Golden Farm Fresh Eggs...

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Here are a few of my girls

Our Chicken Scratch mixed with corn

Fresh eggs daily

Meet Mr. Rooster

I have been really delighted to be able to have chickens for over
Fifteen years.
 I find it most pleasant to go each day and bring in the bounty
of fresh eggs.

When you have fresh eggs everyday you can  make many wonderful
and  very delicious meals.
We love omelets so we have them often,
I serve them with fresh salsa and cheese.

There are so many delicious
 Variations to add to them, so we never grow tired of them!

The other day I made a custard with the fresh eggs and it was
really yummy!

I also make a lot of quiche, as it is light and very tasty.
I will usually make a cracker crust, so no pie crust to make.

And the eggs for baking, make your recipes very nutritious, and moist.
The yolks are a golden color and very large.
Store bought eggs are very pale in color and have
very little flavor.

Another really good point for me is not having to throw out
Any scraps or leftovers. As the chickens love the treats.
I believe I have the fattest and happiest chickens around!

We are learning each day to be wise and to put back,
Be a (wise woman) and stock your pantry well!

Blessings, Roxy

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