Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Mission Field

Loving Through Your Home
I have always considered my home to be a huge part of
My mission field!
Being in the very place God has called me, gives me much
More room to minister and to love others.
While in my home I can pray to prepare my heart,
As I go about my daily chores, and taking pleasure,
While I work or create a meal.
I have always seen the Lord lead me in the everyday moments!
Some of those moments I can speak a timely word to someone.
I always called these the teachable moments!
I can sing a song unto the Lord,
As I wash some dishes or clean and tidy up the kitchen.

 I have felt like my kitchen has been my secret place;
A cozy and familiar place that I have been
Allowed to create a sweet and homey atmosphere.
My mornings in my kitchen are filled with such wonderful memories!
Fresh eggs always on hand, so I always ask?
How do you want your eggs?
Omelet, scrambled or fried?
Maybe Biscuits and gravy will be served!
Almost always a bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit,
Topped with granola!
Always, Always
Give thanks for God's provisions!

Keeping your kitchen the Secret Place;
Is by keeping it welcoming,
Clean and organized.
Always something cooking...
Keep a Bible on the table!
Keep your daily planner on the edge of the counter.
Have your calendar on the kitchen wall.
Order your days!
Keep a CD player there so you can fill the atmosphere
With praise and worship songs.
Or use just Hymns with instruments only.
May His peace fill your Home!


  1. Great post! So easy to keep God out of the daily work box, but we'd have a much nicer time of it if we included Him!

  2. Sweet Roxy, what a beautiful way to look at our kitchen! Your post was a blessing to me and it opened my eyes to looking at things differently. It's been a joy visiting you today - I missed reading you posts :)

    Hugs to you!

  3. I love thinking of my kitchen like that. It is truly a special place to be with Him, while ministering to family and friends. I love your list of "do's"... wonderful suggestions and reminders. I can testify that you are a wonderful missionary in your kitchen, and a blessing to many.

  4. Beautifully said. That kind of attitude always helps.

  5. I loved the idea of your kitchen being your secret place. When all my kids were young, the laundry room sometimes served as my secret place. The teenagers didn't seem to be drawn to the pile of laundry! Thanks for you comment. I hope you will let me know if you come to IHOP. I am there several times a week. It is an awesome atmosphere. I always wanted to hear Graham Cooke. email me at if you'd like to.

  6. Hi Mom,
    Makes me miss you so much when I see the kitchen. I remember as a young girl that I always hated working in the kitchen. But now I just love being in my kitchen too. Hannah is a little homemaker too. She always helps out in the kitchen. Now you make me want some fresh eggs. Mmmm good

  7. Hi Roxy! Thank you for letting us into your secret place! I love your cabinets, by the way.

    What joy you find in simply being the best homemaker you can be. I can almost hear you singing as you make your biscuits.

    Couldn't help read Ashley's comment...what a legacy you have left with your example too!

    (I'll have an omelet :) )
    Have a great weekend,

  8. Oh how I love the way you keep your home. You have always had such a way, I believe it is the Holy Spirit in you and in your home and atmosphere. You have created a heavenly stop for the Lord's angels. I love this post Roxy....

  9. The kitchen is a wonderful room and when my children were small it was the place we would all gather to "create" all sorts of yummy food. And now that my son is married and has his own home, his kitchen is a place where he loves to "create" wonderful dishes for his lovely wife.

  10. Roxy, this is a wonderful post--so challenging and inspiring! Thank you for linking it to Grace at Home--I featured you this week!

  11. What a beautiful post! I share your sentiments! Visiting from Grace at Home.


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