Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Cookie Formula...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

 Sugar and Butter And A Few Cups Of Flour + Love = Cookies

Just A thought from my heart to yours today!

Cookies and gifts galore, or very simple and quaint...
I think many of us have looked at the simple and sweet things
 That makes Christmas special!

Spend time in the kitchen baking and decorating is so very therapeutic;
We need the warmth and the feel of dough in our hands...
Stirring and cracking and measuring and rolling out the dough
Then bring out the cherished cookie cutters. So many shapes 
Stars and Bells And Angels, And Christmas Tree's
 Can bring comfort and a sense of HOME...

This world was created accurately and with form. No element missing.
We have a recipe for cookies that bring a few simple elements together.
That creates a very sweet and simple enjoyment that gives joy.

We can lose sight of what is really important!

Give, and it will be given back;
In smiles and awe, saying this is so good...
Thank you so much for thinking of me!

It is in what we had to everything we do that makes it special!

So many of us together really do change the world;
Maybe for me it is one cookie at a time...

I am what I am by the grace of God!

One cookie One step in His direction daily
Makes a woman very wise!

Okay, it is time to share the name of your favorite cookie that you 
"Bake This Time Of Year"

Thank You ALL for coming to my Home
Living From Glory To Glory...


  1. These look like the cookies my granddaughter and I baked this past Monday. However, I didn't have red hots on hand to decorate. I will buy some and bake some more. We frosted ours and sprinkled with reds and greens. I also mixed red sprinkles into the frosting to make pink sparkly frosting for the stars and bells.

  2. Lovely post and your cookies look delicious !! I love having shortbreads on hand and sugar cookies remind me of my childhood.. Merry Christmas, Roxy! xo

  3. Christmas is a special time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

  4. Good Evening Roxy!
    Your cookies look delicious and so pretty work all those sprinkles.
    My grandmother has a wonderful soft sugar cookies recipe that I just love. Her recipe makes over one hundred cookies,a great way to share.
    I love to eat sugar cookies but they are not my favorite to make.
    I'm a short bread cookie girl. :-)
    Of course pizzells are a family tradition that goes generations back. Now those are a lot of work, but oh so worth it.

    Christmas blessings~~ Debbie

  5. These were so much fun to make! And I'm so blessed to bake with you this year! I needed that little push to get things rolling this year. Another great cookie we always made were cocoa drop cookies, they were my dad's favorite! And they are even better if they are frozen! Yum!
    Enjoy your day! Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Amy

  6. What a sweet post! I'm not a baker usually but I will be in the kitchen with the little ones tomorrow.

  7. Hi Rox, I love to think of your cozy little cookie making party. I'm sure your grandkids have some wonderful memories of all these things. My favorite is Jam Thumb Prints... also, Russian tea cakes (sometimes known as Pecan Sandies) is one that we all love and is a favorite of Steve's too... as a matter of fact, they were a favorite of my Mom's too. I was able to make lots of cookies this week... to have for the company and also the neighbors, and now we are headed to Florida, so we are bringing a tin full there as well... yes, there are some happy memories and traditions in making those cookies. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We will miss you all.


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