Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How The Man Was Created To Lead and To Be Shown Respect...

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A Man After Gods Own Heart...

A Man needs to be shown respect!
A Man was created to lead and protect!

We are all living in a world today of either not showing respect
Or very little!

Respect, is a very important key element to being a biblical wife.
But we are also missing the bigger picture here!

Men were designed to live in this code!
Respect is like a deep seated need, placed within each man!
When we show respect to them, we actually make a deposit
 that builds integrity,
And a greater sense of worth;

You have heard the phrase the chain of command?
This is used in every branch of civilization...

Well, it is because we cannot all just lead and govern our own way.
We need to be under a form of law and rule!
As we have protection from the very rules God has placed over us!
If we all did just what we wanted to do, we would have chaos!

We need to rethink this concept of respect;
I have heard this statement;
If he wants respect he is going to have to earn it!
But, what we need to do is show respect and then we gain favor.
This applies in marriage, business and the military...
Because this is God's design for his family.

The Word when applied gives us liberty and favor!
But we still must show respect to our husbands and authority;


  1. Amen! Thank you for your words today.

  2. A pastor's wife once taught me to treat my husband like the man I wished him to be. It makes it easier maybe and what you say works because God knows exactly how He made us and what works in relationships. A happy Tuesday to you, Roxy!

  3. Respect is a huge virtue!
    As I grow older, I see how "respecting your elders", means more to me.

  4. God bless you, Roxy. You are such a special lady. xo Diana

  5. Your husband is a blessed man sweet Roxy. I'm sure her knows it...but I just wanted to say I think you're special and I appreciate your teaching. Hugs from shirley

  6. Hello, Roxy!
    I've missed you, friend. Thank you for encouraging us in honoring our husbands! That is one very important foundation of a good, solid marriage. The other cord being trusting and submitting to the Lord and His commands :) A cord of 3 is not easily broken.

  7. True words, my friend! A lack of respect in general is evident in our society today. I pray many young women are drawn to your blog for some good old fashioned biblical teaching on how to be a lady, a wife, and a mom! Love to you, and blessings abound this Resurrection weekend!


I really appreciate your comments! May they be kind and helpful to encourage my walk, and bless others as they read them. Thank-you!

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