Thursday, March 31, 2016

Were Not All That Different...

Sometimes we all just feel a bit fluffy...

We all have so many different ideas and goals.
But we all just really have very basic needs.

We are all really learning every day of our lives.

Sometimes we require very little!
I like to think of myself as not being high maintenance.

We all live in different time zones and spaces and places.
But we are really not all that different!

I am in the process of writing this blog post...
Will be updating as it cancelled, all I wrote.

I will not be derailed by a little glitch or a storm or pain!

Because we have to keep on, we need to shake it off;
Get over it!

If we always just stopped every time we felt bad or trouble came a knocking
 we would shrivel up and never produce the character or fruit we need!

Look, we need substance to live out our calling!

When we truly have hard times we have two choices!
We lean harder into the only thing that will remain forever;
Or we give up and shrivel up!

Why do we think that others always have it easier?
Why do we think every century had it better off?

Lets face it, we all are where we are suppose to be'
We either learn and grow and carry on,
Or we start the slow fade...

Well, as for me and my house we choose life in spite of all
the negative reports or the sorrow or pain.

We are called to help and inspire and work while it is yet day!

Many have it much more worst off than we do;
But that is not the point!!
We are called to carry our own cross,
And to stop and smell our own flowers!

Do not waste your time trying to live in another persons life,
Or to tend their garden...
Be diligent and enjoy this new day and season!

Look around...
Everything is coming to life...

Be inspired, do something that says I am alive


  1. Good morning Roxy....It looks like the Lord put the same thoughts in our hearts and posts today. Cheer full blessings to you my friend..

  2. Beautiful, edifying words of encouragement, Roxy! Thank you so much. :)

  3. Well said, in words and photos.

  4. Happy Thursday! Wonderful thoughts and posts. I always told my children when they were growing up, people may look different on the outisde but we all have hopes and dreams and the need for a Saviour. Beautiful words today.

  5. Beautiful words of encouragement, Roxy! Have a blessed weekend :)

  6. Thanks so much for writing this today! Yes, while it is yet day, let us look to our own lives where the Lord has placed us.

  7. You have a poetic style in your blogging, with honest expression about how it really is.

  8. Hello Roxy, thank you for this cheerful and uplifting post! Thanks too for your lovely visit. I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  9. Hi Roxy, I love your post. I will be featuring it at SYC this week.
    xx Jo

  10. You have done it again. You have stopped the party!! Pity Party that is. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself but now I'm shaking it off and going out to do something for someone else!
    Thanks for the boost .


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