Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You Can Learn To Become An Excellent Wife...

When we first got married, I would say I had much to be desired in being
"Called and excellent wife"

Being a wife can be the most glorious place for a woman to become all that her heart desires.

But as we all can attest to is the truth that it require's strength and endurance!

If you were one of those young ladies that had a Mother that was a godly example,

Then you had a head start on many of us.

We never really stop learning the ways that create a truly good marriage.

I think we have a culture that is in place that through their media productions,
we have lost sight of the truth of a wholesome marriage.

We have seen men leave their wives in droves;
Women have left their marriages
We have a problem...

How can we overcome?

We do the next thing that will bring glory to God!

It may just be changing the way we speak to our husbands.
(Our tone shows respect)

We can just stop what we are doing and truly listen to what hey are saying.
(Being a good listener)

We can ask someone to give us some guidance in our marriages.
(Having accountability)

We can read a few good books on the subject of being a good wife.
(Resources are a valuable tool)

Look, becoming an excellent wife is no easy task!

But if you will commit to learning and growing in this high calling,
You will  never regret the rewards, some will be here and now.
But mostly they are heavenly accounts in your name.
God tells us that marriage is His idea...

Every hard day and year
Every horrible fight or little disagreement
You can overcome...

God has given us support and guidance!
There are women out there that have stood the test of time!
God wants our marriages to be healthy and pure!

We have a very tough fight on our hands!

Do you want a good marriage?
Do you believe your marriage could use a refreshing lift?

I have a few books like the one in the photo;
I pull them off the shelf and reread portions of them!
Then I try to implement something that will spark or help me in an area that is lacking!

Take your marriage seriously!
Do something everyday!

I want to thank the Lord for placing those Godly women in my life!
And for the direction of using a few good books to glean from!

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Hi Roxy!
    I have that same book! What other books like it can
    you recommend?

  2. Ah yes, marriage takes work!!! But like all labor, "there is profit" :)

    Thank you for the encouragement Roxy!

  3. I have read and retread this post several times. Your advice is true. After years of marriage, I did it the hard way. This book would of been helpful.
    Roxy, your blog is such a sweet gift that keeps lifting up those who need comfort.
    Blessings to you.

  4. I have never heard of that book, but it sounds wonderful, I will look for it on Amazon. I agree that we always have room for improvement, we can never become complacent, and think we have done all we can. Thankfully I had several generations of mothers (great grandmother, grandmothers, mother, and mother-in-law) as great examples in my life, and such a blessing each one of them were to me. I do feel for those ladies who never had a mother example to follow. You are doing a precious work here Roxy, encouraging all of us to be better mothers and wives. Always leave here encouraged :) Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Roxy,
    I like this book. I have bought 3 at Good Will over the years because I keep giving them away. Am looking for another one again as I have given another away:)

  6. Marriage is hard work! Thanks for encouraging us to be better wives. I know there is always room for improvement in my life. :)


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