Thursday, June 5, 2014

Motherhood May It Not Become A Lost Art...

Being an advocate in the face of unbelief and exploiting of women.

Today is my Mothers Birthday;
She is in Heaven and being with all those who have gone before her.

Heaven is really not that far away, As I can only imagine.

I saw a picture on a free image site that was upsetting to me.
So, In honor of my Mother and all women everywhere.
I made an appeal to the company to rethink their standards.
Maybe nothing will happen as the bar is so low now days.
What has happened to moral decency?
Common courtesies;
Please and Thank You still goes a long ways.
Modesty is still God's best!

May I have the wisdom to make a stand at times when everyone else,
Is oohing and awing.

I make an appeal to mentor a woman who needs support!
Tell your Mother you love her if she is still alive.
And if she is gone and with the Lord, tell any women that
Held your hand or encouraged your heart, send her a HUG!

Mentoring and Mothering
Arise and speak life and wisdom,
 Let's not look away and allow Motherhood to become a lost art!

Motherhood never dies!
She is a force and life that imprints little hearts and minds...


  1. There's no greater blessing that a mother!

  2. What a wonderful message, Roxy. I think that motherhood is highly underrated.....God bless all the mothers and your mother in Heaven. xo Diana

  3. Mothers are so very important.
    I am so very grateful that both my parents are still alive !!
    Have a wonderful day !

  4. Mothers are wonderful and love their children unconditionally no matter how old they are. Mothers remain mothers 100% even to their grave and beyond. Mothers give the purest love.


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