Thursday, December 31, 2020

Learning To Simplify Your Life...

Simplify Your Life... Living From Glory To Glory Blog


I do believe we are all in the class room of learning to simplify;

When we stop to think about what really matters it's easily condensed,

To a few things...

We have all learned to do less, go less, and yet we are better for it!

It is a great thing to happy and content with the portion God has given you!

You would never be happy with what the world can give!

Firstly, because it's fleeting!!

No one takes their stuff to heaven or hell.

Being quiet and at home is a pleasant place if you turn each room,

Into a Haven of simple and clean, organized beautiful abundance!

We all really have so much in regards to things.

I enjoy cleaning and making each little corner of my home pleasant.

Take some time each day and thank God for His provisions.

Then go about arranging and using what you have!

Remember He wants you to feel His love and enjoy His provisions!

Learning the fine art of gratefulness and using your talents is a must!

I never want to be the one who buries his talents.

We are to use our fine china plates and pretty vases.

Pull out the stash of goodies in those tubs and rearrange a room!

Find ways to change out your curtains, Try covering end tables with those

Beautiful lace doilies or pretty fabrics...

Encourage yourself through prayer and reading the Word;

Then encourage those in your family. and close friends!

May your spirit, soul and body prosper.

And may you put forth the effort in making your house a HOME

To have a gentle quiet spirit is a good thing...

And when your HOME is in order you can think clearly!

Turn off the news and make a simple, yet tasty dinner!

~Pray for those who are suffering, those prayers are heard~

Never Give Up

Your HOME is a reflection of your heart!!

Blessings, Roxy

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Thank you so much for this encouragement. I find that less is also helpful with those of us who suffer from depression. I enjoy homemaking so much and want to continue to make my house a home that is warm and inviting but that doesn't take great anxiety and time to get in order.
    I'm trying to surround myself (and family) with things that are precious and useful. It makes for more time together also.
    God bless you in this new year.

  2. Dear Roxy, you are so right.
    We must stay home and take care of our homes and make our families feel loved and glad to be there.
    I will keep this post to read again and again.
    Thank you,

  3. Very true words Roxy. Living in our RV for the past 8 months has taught me that "things" don't matter a lot. It's what is in our hearts and the people we share life with. Our little temporary until retirement home is wonderfully cozy. I have decorated with my cross stitch pictures on the walls. Photos of our family and my crochet doilies on end tables. Knitted and crocheted afghans to snuggle under and my homemade quilts on the bed. Yes, we are quite content with MUCH less.
    We sold our 4 bedroom/3 bathroom beautiful and paid off home this year so when my husband retires sometime in the next year or so, (depending on the affects of COVID on the business), we will move closer to our family so we can take care of his Mom. Living here, where we have been very happy even with 12 inches of snow falling yesterday, has taught us that as long as we're together we will be happy. We both want a small home where we can be cozy together.
    Wishing you a blessed and happy year in 2021, following God's leading always,

  4. And here we are...into the new year. This is the day I start to put away the Christmas decor and leave out a little sleds and snowmen. It will feel good to change things up. Lots of snow, wind and cold here. We had a wonderful Christmas, and trust you did too, Roxy. Great post! Love to you, my sister in Christ. xo

  5. Good advice. A blessed New Year to you and yours...

  6. Thank you for always bring perspective. My there for this new year is "To God be the GLORY", and the verse I will meditate on daily is I Peter 1:8,9

    Blessing and love for your example in word and life.


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