Friday, July 7, 2017

Do What You Can...

Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest...

I find myself saying this very thing to myself often!

So I decided this was something I needed to share;
We have this deep down nagging feeling like we
Just can't do enough or what we do is not measuring up.

Well, Firstly ask yourself this;
Whose standards are you comparing yourself with?

Living each day with a new lease on life
Should be your goal...
This life is so fleeting and some days go by in a wink!

Many things are just out of our control!
Who holds the keys?

The only thing you hold is how you are going to respond!

~Do What You Can~

When we worry and try to control everything and everyone,
We become frustrated and worn out.

Enjoy this day and season for it is the here and now
And God's gift to you!


  1. Good reminder not to beat ourselves up.
    Are you well?

  2. This would if been great advice for me years ago. I had to learn this many times over.
    Praise God, I now can and have, given Him control of my life. Never to late to learn something this valuable.

  3. Roxy, Your words are a gentle reminder to turn burdens over to the Lord and rest in Him! Thank you, my friend for sharing your heart!

  4. Hi Roxy, this is so true. I know goal driven people and at the end of the day they measure themselves by how much they got accomplished in that day. They work themselves to death trying to accomplish everything on their list. If they don't get it all done they feel worthless.
    Being around such people too long makes me anxious. Living with such people must be difficult at the least.

    Time to set more realistic goals for yourself and do the best you can with one thing at a time. How much more fulfilling is it to just do what you can and leave the rest up to the Lord for another day.

    Thank you for sharing, Janet

  5. Yes indeed, God is in control of our lives. Good words Roxy, appreciate you, may the blessings of the Lord be with you :)

  6. Very wise words and something to remember when we feel overextended and tired. We can't take care of anyone if we can't take care of ourselves! Thank you for the sweet reminder to put it in God's hands. Hugs xo Karen

  7. I struggle with this so much. Sometimes I do it to myself and other times I let other people make me feel this way. It only leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. Your words are encouraging and wise.
    xx Beca

  8. Hello Roxy, thank you for this uplifting post. I will have to remember this saying going forward!
    Have a nice day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  9. I just love your blog!! have such Godly wisdom...& you are so in tune with the spirit....thanks for sharing in such a lovely ministers to me so sweetly!...praying that the blessings of God overtake you & your family.♡ Jacquie


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