Thursday, July 20, 2017

Driving and Out Of Control...

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Looking Up...

When we get in the habit of looking up we can see that everything
Changes and it has a purpose.
But some of these changes are not good and rather frighting!
Maybe we do need cars that do not have real drivers and can drive themselves!

Yesterday my husband and I took a day trip;
It was of course on a major highway.
But I will have to say it was quite terrifying!

We saw people driving in a manner that will surely cause the death 
of themselves or others.

The reason I need to look up, is because down here it is
getting scary and so many are distracted.
Attention deficit at its best...
"Not a Good Thing"

When you live in the country and are used to country living.
The fast pace is un-nerving!

Now, for the record, I have driven far and wide in this great country of ours!
So I am no novice of traffic and big cities!

What I am talking about are people that are so distracted!
Weaving from side to side,
Changing lanes with no signals
Driving in your blind spot
Tailgating and up your exhaust pipe
Honking and screaming at other cars
Music so loud your ears hurt,
And people dancing in their cars so hard the car was bouncing!
Oh lets not forget the one we saw passing cars on the shoulder!
And the merging cars didn't even look at you!
Then we had one car up ahead completely stop, and cars just swerved
To avoid slamming into the back of him!
One time all the cars just started braking and we avoided a pile-up!
Oh, and don't even get me started about all the people Texting and driving!
And almost everyone was on their phones...
The speed is 75 miles per hour;
Not anymore, it is going as fast as you can go without getting caught speeding!
And that is another thing very few State Patrols on the highways anymore.

I felt bad for those who had older cars and no air and not going fast enough,
 And they were just treated like and old, man or women in the grocery store.
"Get OUT of my way"

Where did you get your license my Grandpa used to say?
"Out of a Cracker Jack Box?"

Be very careful, dear ones!
The Highways and Byways are getting very scary!

Defensive driving is a MUST!

Remember, I grew up on the race track...
I know how to drive...

Just because you are a good driver does not protect you
From other drivers on drugs, drinking, smoking pot and being distracted!


  1. Oh my friend, you are so right. On our drive to and from Nebraska over the last couple of weeks we saw at all! Everything you've described and more. What has happened to people? Where has common courtesy gone? It does make you afraid for your life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. Now if only we could get people to listen.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. It has gotten to the point I am ready to not drive any more. I am 48 and ready to let my very capable husband do the driving.
    We live in the country and so any errands are a fairly long drive.
    I believe you when you say you have traveled far and wide! This doesn't protect us in a society gone made. ( Half joking). I agree with you and the TEXTING IS SO SCARY.
    I pray the whole time we are on the road....does anyone else do this?!
    God bless

  3. This WORLD is OUT OF CONTROL ! It IS VERY SCARY I you are so right!! Keep your distance from other cars and a HEADS UP ! Oh but HEY ! LETS LEGALIZE DRUGS and continue the madness in ALL states!! It's only a matter of time!!! SO INSANE !!

  4. Hello Roxy, I know what you mean. We Live About 8 Miles Out Of town. I try not to go into the larger cities. I tell my husband," if our small town doesn't have it, I don't want!"
    There is also a joke that goes around, that Texas is the only state that sells cars without turn signals.

  5. Oh, you are sadly so right. So many people do not have any respect for traffic laws these days, so they just drive however they feel like, having no thought for the consequences that could happen due to their wreckless driving. We live in very selfish times.

  6. Wednesday we were on our way out of town in the middle of a thunderstorm and this driver cut my husband off. Good thing I had been praying and I said a prayer for that driver too. Scary!

  7. Oh this is so true. I live half a mile from I44, one of the busiest highways in our part of the country. I pray when I get on!

    Be blessed!
    ஐღ Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage ღஐ
    ...doing what I can with what I've got
    where I am on a short shoestring budget!

  8. The roads really are very scary Roxy! I can't believe how fast so many are driving and what little patience many drivers have. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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