Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Friendly Ghost!
This is a test!
Our there friendly GHOSTS?
Anyone, who really has their eyes open, can see the
spirit of death has swooped down upon this culture!
Is it okay to scare and put fear in one another?
How do you think the Spirit of God feels,
When we put before us things that are about
death, and monsters, and evil creatures!
What about making satan look cute?
Does this grieve the Holy Spirit?
YES, it does dear ones!
Do we open the door to the spirit of fear,
By interacting with these kinds of behavior's?

Many cool and popular clothing lines,
are plastered with skeletons!
Why are we glorifying the darkness?
Evil is real!
It is not cute or fun or pleasing to God!

We are looking more and more like this culture
of death!
Wanting to be scared and watching things that bring,
death and fear!
He told us to stay away from the appearance of EVIL...
Not promote it!
A spirit of fear can come upon you or your children,
Just by subjecting them to these things,
 that say death and fear!
I am telling you this because, as a child this very thing
happened to me!
I ask you dear ones to protect their hearts and minds!
This is the time to teach them about discernment and
the difference between
Good and Evil!

We must only celebrate the death and burial and
Ressurection of Jesus Christ!


  1. Good explanation, Roxy. I check my blogroll this time of year and take away those thAt participate in the culture of death. The only thing we celebrate is the death, burial and resurrection of Christ

  2. So true, Roxy. Halloween is not a "fun" time to have. Especially for those who belong to the Lord.

  3. Okay now Roxy, hope you won't hate me. I look at Halloween differently. I would never engage in anything that had to do with the devil. I look at skeletons and see the marvel that God created. It's what helps our bodies to do the marvelous things that they do. I love Halloween for the fun of it and not the dark side. I love seeing my gradies dressed up and I have such fond memories of it as a child. Guess it's because I have always had a sweet tooth. lol! I love my Lord as much as anyone, but do not look at Halloween as evil. I appreciate your opinion and hope you don't think I am rude. Just thought I would show you how some of us see it.

  4. I know how much America embraces halloween and therefore I am so encouraged when I read the blogs of people in your country Roxy encouraging their readers to give up their celebration of this evil festival. There is nothing cute or fun about evil and as for the candy - to me it encourages selfishness and gluttony. So many people here are 'over it' - tired of cleaning eggs from their windows and cars and old people terrorized in their homes by the groups of young people roaming the streets and banging on doors demanding treats. Why do Christians want to associate with that kind of behaviour? The fact that your children ask politely makes no difference - the old lady sees the group coming up her path and is worried. Why would we want to do that to others? Even yesterday I was in a store which had lots of halloween merchandise for sale and heard a young mum telling the checkout girl how frightened her young children were last year when people dressed in scary costumes with masks knocked on her door for trick or treating. I was amazed when the checkout girl told the mother she didn't like halloween either and said 'it wasn't Australian' - you see people here perceive it as an American custom. That is so sad. Satan is real and I'm sure he laughs and rubs his hands with glee when he sees how many Christians embrace it! As a young person I remember the day I made a vow that when I married and had children I would never ever allow any celebration of halloween in my home. I had just been at a meeting and heard the testimony of a former witch who had been powerfully saved and transformed by Christ. She had had been a high priestess, the head of a coven in Europe. At one point she spoke to the parents and told them that if they had seen what she had seen and had experienced the awful practices that took place on halloween they would never again have anything to do with it. That was enough for me and I honoured that vow.
    Thank you for your boldness in speaking out. I hope it encourages someone to think again about what they are actually associating with when they take part in halloween festivities.

  5. Halloween in Australia use to to come and go and no one thought about it. But sadly we have picked it up (because we like to follow the USA) and more and more shops sell halloween bits and pieces (money making exercise more than anything) but I have to admit most people say its a very silly custom (as Ann above just said, we see it as American) and we don't want any part of. My children never wanted to partake in it so it was very easy.

  6. I love this Roxy!

    Amen and I think that we could easily celebrate something much more admirable then death! What is so wonderful about this holiday? I don't have any longing for it and I think that some times we do it because we were raised with it and that is all. It has become so much more of a celebration of death then when I remember as a child. We never participated with this holiday as children. I can definitely see this country is frolicking in witchcraft and most don't even know it.


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