Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dust Settles

Dust settles on everything!
You can always count on finding that
 The dust has come as you were sleeping!
This is the time of the year it starts to get bad again.
I believe it is caused by our furnace running,
And the use of the wood stove burning.
And it is really noticeable on my bedroom dressers,
because of the direction the sun shines in  the Fall
and winter months.
So, this morning I said I can not stand to see this dust
this whole winter, all day long on these tables.
So, here is what I have done, I took the same thick
The material I used for my curtains, in our bedroom,
And I made a table top cloth that covers the whole top of
the night stand.
I only had a small amount of material left,
It was enough for the night stand.
Then I took  a cocoa colored sheer curtain panel,
And ironed it to the size to fit my long dresser top.
Now, both table tops are covered!
So, Now I do not have to feel irritated over
the dust that settles every night,
While I am trying to get my beauty rest.

 I found this curtain valance that I never could
use on any of my windows, so I folded it
where the vintage looking lace was on top,
And I sewed it in place.
So, now I have a double protection plan in place
 against the DUST!

 My night stand covered!
See it is the same material as my curtains.



  1. Enjoyed this post!

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

  2. Fabulous idea Roxy! I can't stand to look at the dust either. I might have to try this...:) Have a blessed week!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Such a great idea and it looks great by the way. Now, could you come make some for my tables??
    Just Kidding, maybe not.... :)

    Love Ya,

  4. Hi Roxy,

    What a lovely idea! I think doilies and dress scarves add a nice "homey" touch to a room.


  5. It looks very nice....a wonderful solution!

  6. Beautiful lace Roxy. Not only smart, but gorgeous too!

  7. Dust - it has been very windy here lately and this has certainly hasn't helped in the dust department. Love your pretty lace - I use a shawl on my chest-of-drawers in the bedroom to add some colour and help with the dust.


  8. ROXY - this is such a good idea. I am going to try this.

    Lesley x

  9. Hi Roxy! You are such a good sewer! First those fabulous curtains, and now this lovely cover for your table. Such a wonderful talent.


  10. Roxy I recently put muslin cloth in top of my china hutch and am going to do the same on top of other tall pieces of furniture where dust collects. I am understanding why people of the past had cloths on so many things.

  11. What a wonderful idea, Roxy! I, too, have to tackle dust more often once we really get the wood stove "fired" up in the fall. But we love that heat...so I don't really mind the trade off! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely day!
    Sweet blessings,

  12. Oh wow Rox, it is so beautiful. I just love the idea of using a curtain panel, and what a grand way to use an extra one that has not place. Love the inspiration.... you go girl. As you know, I have to fight the dust around my place too... now I am getting inspired with some ideas.... Steve said he is going to recalk the windows outside, so maybe that will help a little too.

  13. Roxy, what a great idea! I know what you mean about the dust. This is just so pretty...that lace is perfect! I have always loved the look of doilies and dresser scarves on furniture too!

  14. Hi Roxy,
    Great idea on covering those dresser tops and so pretty too! Your blog is beautiful and speaks to my heart in many ways. Thanks for the link.

  15. You are such a sweet and smart lady, Roxy :) And everything looks so lovely. Hope you are doing well, friend. Thinking of you!

  16. A smart idea and very pretty, too!

  17. Oh I love this idea Roxy!

    I also am so comforted to see bits and pieces of your lovely home! I miss it. You have such a way in all of your decorating, makes my senses come alive!

    You are so special dear friend!
    I am so blessed every time I come over to your beautiful blog. You always give me food to nourish my soul. And wisdom to strengthen me in the Lord.

    Love you
    ~ Marie


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