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Learn To Gather When Things Are In Abundance...


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Gathering when things are in abundance...

We will all experience lean times!
It may be in our finances or it might be in our health or emotions!

You can become weary at times and that is why we are told to
"Not grow weary while doing good"

I have learned to be quick when something is in abundance.
At these moments and seasons do not last forever.

These blueberries are in abundance!

Take them and wash them and freeze them for use in the long winter months.

We need to learn to gather things when they are their cheapest;
And are in the peak of the season!

It is hard to spend almost five dollars on blueberries in the winter,
When you can get them for very little now!

When we stop to think about how everything comes in short spurts.
That is why it is so important to enjoy and gather and things in season.

Yes, I am talking about blueberries right now;
But I think this applies to everything else!

Alone times with loved ones;
Place those memories in your heart and those sweet little notes or gifts;
Treasure them!

For there will come a day that everyone is going to work
 Or busy with their own lives!
Our little ones do not stay little for long!

The peace in a day when it is not storming and foul weather is brewing;
Take comfort with the warm sunshine on your face!

You will not always have to plow your fields;
Some day a harvest will come and fill your basket to overflowing!

I realize everyone wants real;
But there are times we need to be pampered and enjoy.
It might be a quiet walk for just yourself;
It could be your quiet time in the morning!

We need to gather in the calm!
For when the lean times might hit, you my dear will have an abundance
Stashed away for a time such as this!

I think that a wise woman will take the time to put back!
It can be money or gifts bought or made from very little.
Foods purchased when were cheap in cost;
Then you have it to use when there is a need.

And if you are able to only shop less often you will save money!
Every time you go into a store, you will buy something!
Be aware of the Dollar Store you run in for a card;
And come out with all these little things you could do without!

Each pay day, try putting something back in your stash!
It may be food item or even a yard of fabric.

These learned ways of being wise or frugal;
Is what allows us to stay home and be keepers of our homes!

Have you noticed so much waste in our world?
At least our food scraps go to our chickens!
Just finding ways to make things last and to be there in a time of need!

Do you think your husband would say that you are being
Frugal and wise with your income?

Do you always find yourself in a bind;
 When it is a Birthday 
or the holidays?

We can all find ways to save and to be wise!


  1. Great words of wisdom, Roxy. I sure wish I had followed these life lessons when I was younger. I hope it's not too late to start now. The money thing is a concern for me. We have not saved and are now in our retirement years. I just have to trust God to provide for each day. That's all we have anyway, but that wasn't the wise way to live life. I know now. Such precious words. Great practical Christianity right there!

  2. Just finished canning 13 pints of salsa right before I read this-How timely:). An abundance of tomatoes!
    Great wisdom in this. I love putting things by for a rainy day.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wise council! I do this when I'm able, but like you said it applies to everything. It made me think of yesterday. It has been cloudy and overcast so much here, but just this once there was a break in the clouds and the warm sun shone through and I could feel the warm just soak right into my body. I'm so glad I wasn't too busy to notice. The goodness of the Lord!

  4. Great wisdom here. I am learning this in my middle aged years. I have been wasteful in the past..but praise God I am still here to show by living it to my children.
    Blessings and thank you🌸

  5. I love what you shared here Roxy and have been trying to implement this mentality. Sometimes the harvest comes when you are very busy but if we take but an afternoon, we can fill our pantry and freezer for those rainy days. And as full-time farmers, they come VERY often for us!

  6. Such wise advice. I remember last winter wondering why I didn't spend as many free minutes just sitting and enjoying outside time when I could and weather permitted. I don't garden but I do purchase foods when they are less expensive in season and freeze them.

  7. The food abundance for us right now is zucchini, so I grate in 2 cup batches and freeze for Zucchini bread later. But I like how you apply this to other things in life as well.

  8. It was months of putting back that helped us through that long four months without a paycheck this year. This is very good advice. I need to see if I can get some blueberries here.

    God bless you friend!


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