Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Use Old Useless Stuff To Create A Charming Yard...

There is just something so charming about old vintage bicycles.

Days of summer fun and places to explore!
A mode of transportation to school or a friend's house.

I wish we had kept all those old bicycles from our childhood days!
Or maybe of the ones we had of our older brother and sisters.

I think these old charmers are getting harder and harder to find.
This little beauty is in my sisters garden area;
She has a huge flower garden and it just adds an ambiance to the natural landscape!

I have tried many different items in my flower gardens to add charm!
Old metal tubs and vintage plates places in the soil sticking half way up.
Old cowboy boots and old boxes and planters!

I truly love finding old wheelbarrows and placing them around our estate.

We use to even place old bottles and cans in some of the smaller dry beds!

Learning to use an imagination and decorating outside of the box!

After the end of our summer season, I gather most of the items and
we store them in an old log cabin out back.
It stops some of the fading and wear during the long winter.
Then when spring comes again we pull everything out and place it in all the
different spots to add color and interesting schemes.

We have a lot of the old metal chairs and we have painted most of them all red!

I think having a lovely yard and some unique decorating pieces is fun!

Everything takes work and time!
But if we keep our eyes open while at goodwill or garage sales;
You can find some great treasure for yard decorations!

Just remember to keep your yards clean and filled with garden charm!

Sweep of your sidewalks and fill planters with flowers!

Outside work can help keep you fit and a bit strength building!

This is such a easy way to make your home look inviting and charming!
Pick a couple of colors that match your outside scheme;
Then paint fences or tins or planters to match;
Doing it now is a good time to get a jump start on it!

Make it fun and ask others to keep and eye out for what you're looking for!

I have used broken off shovels and pitchforks, they really look nice!

I have gone down to the river bottom and brought home
old stumps and large limbs that are weathered and look wonderful!

Even a large rock placed in the right place looks good!

My kids when they were young or may still say it now (smiles)
What the heck are you going to do with that old thing MOTHER...

I have many old farm implements and have spray painted some of them bright red.

Country, cozy and cheap and so filled with charm!

Old birdhouses and birdbaths are lovely!

Any type of fencing can look vintage and charming...
Paint it or stain it!

Plant seeds every spring as you never know what might just take off!
Remember to try to plant a few new bulbs each fall!

I believe we can take what God has given us and make it a little slice of Eden...

Small yard or extra large you can make it pretty and lovely!


  1. Wonderful post with some great ideas. Love the bicycle.

  2. Is there even such a thing as useless old junk, Roxy? Probably in some eyes but we know better, don't we? I love your sister's darling rusty bike, and yes, I wish I would have kept mine from my childhood! It's great to make use of these great old pieces of history! I hope you are having a good week :)

  3. It's so wonderful to be able to add bits of charm and coziness to our yards and homes with pieces of discarded items. I love to repurpose things, even if it's just for show. It doesn't take much.

  4. I just love the bicycle as decoration... especially with the flowers in the basket. I was just telling my husband about wanting to do this a couple weeks ago and he thought I was nuts! Haha... but it does look lovely!! Maybe someday I'll find a neat old bike! :)


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