Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Donkey Analogy...


Hurry Up...

Why's everybody always picking on me?

Moving at ones own pace is very comforting, as none of us enjoy being
Told to hurry up!
Now, that is usually when I really forget my head!
The hurrier I go, the be- hinder I get...

When my Grandmother would be out doing her shopping, and she
Was apparently driving too slow, I could hear them yelling;
Come on Grandma, move it!
She would tell me this
Why those young whipper snappers will one day be moving much slower when they get older!
My Grandma would call those wild ones;
"Those Hooligans"

I still laugh over that when I remember riding around with her
in that big old Chrysler mobile...
It was white and I believe it had wings and could fly.
It felt like an ocean liner ship that cruised down those roads.

Why is it when you are younger you think everyone is moving too slow?
And when you get a bit older, it seems like everyone is so impatient?

I am learning to savor my days...

When was the last time you laughed till you cried?
When was the last time you just took a joy ride to get an ice cream?

Why does the last day of June make us feel like mourning?
As a child the summer lasted what seemed like a year.
But alas July is here fresh and free!
We can count on this happening year after year, this alone
should comfort our hearts!

None of us want to be like a donkey that will not do what
is being asked of it.
To be set in your ways without being led by the spirit will
make you a bit stubborn. So it is better to not just follow others.
But rather follow what the Word is saying...
If everyone is doing it, I bet it is the broad road that leads
"To Destruction"

Donkey's are hard working in a way, yet they will do nothing but graze
unless they are harnessed!
We cannot spend our time just always working,
But beware of not getting our work done!

We are better to move a bit slower, yet sure of our direction;
Be too quick, you just might miss your turn off!

We are warned that the road we are to be on is narrow!
Do not be swayed
Do not look to the right or the left
Do not stop...
Just keep moving towards the better country
Our Homeland


  1. I agree with you, Roxy! I am always moving fast, I remember my children asking me, when I would tell them to do something "why do we always have to be doing something"? Well I am now having to slow down, I may need knee surgery and that will make me slow down and smell the roses!!

  2. Oh Rox, what a wonderful "well said" post. I needed this today. You have put such a perfect picture in my mind for focusing on the direction I am supposed to go and keep going. I think the world is shouting louder than ever before. I am not listening to them… it is comforting to take a deep breath of encouragement and keep going forward, not looking to the right or to the left but just keep moving towards that better country. Thanks for the good word.

    I like the idea of taking that joy ride to get an ice cream… I think I will have to do that this week.

  3. Wishing you a very Happy July 4th Roxy! Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer! Always lovely advice! Big hugs to you!!!

  4. Very good post and very timely. I think we should be like a child and just enjoy the moments. Take time to stop and smell the roses, takes lots of little day trips for ice cream or a special treat. To simply live for today and nothing more. I hope you enjoy your day and all that God gives you.... Hugs, Amy

  5. I love your analogies, Roxy! And these words--
    "We are better to move a bit slower, yet sure of our direction;
    Be too quick, you just might miss your turn off!"

    Thanks, my friend!

    Joyful in Him...

  6. What a beautiful blog, it is soft and gentle and old fashioned and I just had to tell you it is so lovely. will have to subscribe just so I can see it more.

  7. I can just hear your sweet granny! Must admit that I often laugh till I cry. Doesn't take much to make me laugh! Hubby and I just took a ride the other day and got a small caramel cashew shake. Yes, life is to short to not enjoy. I am doing my best to enjoy it!!

  8. Oh Roxy...just what I needed to read today! You truly blessed my heart this morning! You see, I am one of those 'fast' people...I love doing things ahead of schedule! But I am slowly learning to cheirsh every swiftly passing moment and take time to stop and smell the roses...
    Thank you for this gentle reminder...may you have a blessed and beautiful month o July!
    All my love,

  9. Huge smile on my face as I read about your experience with your Grandma.
    Love your description of her "big old Chrysler mobile".
    I remember riding with my grandparents and my feet didn't touch the floor. They stuck straight out in front of me! Everything about that car was huge!

  10. I remember my grandparents big black and white Buick. It had clear plastic over the upholstery, but it also had AC, which none of our cars did when I was growing up. I find myself moving slower in some ways wanting to enjoy and savor, but in other ways, feel I am having to move faster because everybody else is.
    I don't want to make any more wrong turns. I know exactly the places where I did in the past.

  11. I just love it when older women give us younger women some words of wisdom! Thank you for taking the time to share things with us younger women, to encourage us in the Lord and to be steady in the use of our time.


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