Monday, July 13, 2015

How To Make The Kitchen Table The Center Of Your Home...

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The Kitchen Table Is Key...

I find great joy in simple pleasures;
The other day I cleaned off my kitchen table and then polished it till it shined!
 Then I put on a fresh table cloth and a lace topper over the tablecloth.
It feels really good to see it all cleaned off and ready for another week
of meals being served. Or a cup of coffee being enjoyed with a loved one.
Place a bowl of fruit or a snack to draw them to the table!
A plate of cookies;
Cheese and crackers
Serving a meal cooked with love at your own hearth...

When the children were little we did our school work on our kitchen table.
Now I even do a little bit of studying myself.
We might read the paper through the week there also.
We pray often at our kitchen table!
Memories are made in this very place!

Your Kitchen and Table should be the welcoming spot in your home!
Keep it clean and tidy and always pleasing to the eye.
Keep napkins in the center with some fresh spices for any dish.
Sea salt, pepper, cayenne powder and hot sauce.

There is something so comforting about a kitchen!
It Is The Heart Of The Home...

Making your home cozy and welcoming is an art!
If you can keep only one spot in your home orderly and clean;
The kitchen and kitchen table is what I would suggest to you.

You can take a very worn table and chairs and paint them and recover the chairs,
To give them a new fresh appeal!
You can find table coverings for very cheap and some great linen finds also.
Check out your thrift stores.
 Also, you can find wooden table centerpieces and spray paint them.
I did this a few years ago and it was so lovely.
Everything can be an added pretty!
You can find very inexpensive place mats in a thrift store.
 Or look at your store clearance sections for seasonal items.

 I would watch using a plastic cloth with those backings as they can stick to your wood table tops. But if it is a glass or Formica then it would be okay.

It is also very nice to change out the colors and decor for the holidays.

Sometimes when I am not even sure what I am making for dinner,
I will set the table to get myself inspired.

Please encourage yourself today and get inspired!
Look in your drawers and find what you might have to use!

Practice serving your meals and snacks at the table.
Get into the habit of keeping it clean and welcoming!

Use what God has given you!
Keep your heart alive with simple home, keeping routines!

Every meal can be a time to come together as a family
Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This was my table this last fall!
Chips and salsa served!


  1. I agree. Love your flowers. Drop in and see my flowers.

  2. Inspirational, even for a grandma like me.
    I love my table. I had been with me from the beginning of our marriage.
    One rainy day, when the kids were young, we played Ping-Pong on it!
    Lots of great memories around our table.

  3. Ahh, such a nice post Rox. I have always enjoyed your cozy table, and it is indeed an inviting place. I do love to keep a creative inspired mind when it comes to my table and love to practice all of these ideas that you have written.

  4. Hi Roxy, yes I agree, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a pretty table to enjoy meals with loved ones is a joy.Thank you for sharing and be blessed.
    Hugs, cm

  5. Oh Roxy my husband would love your post! This is where I don't do well. I try really hard but things have a way of getting there and not always coming off. You've got me inspired again. My husband thanks you! Have a great week! Diane

  6. Oh...if only I had a kitchen table... :(

  7. Look at the home-keepers you've inspired today! And, oh! How I miss our dining room table! I love keeping it set with lovelies. And my husband feels special when we eat there, even just the two of us.

    Hugs and happy highways,

  8. Hey Roxy! The kitchen can definitely be the heart of a home. I have always said I feel like I live in mine, or at least I did when all our children were at home. It was a busy hub of activity all hours of the day. It's not so much now unless the grandchildren are visiting. Then I don't get to leave it at all and I am in my element! :)

  9. You know I am right there with you on this one Roxy! The heart of the home which should always be happy and joyful...I love it! Have a lovely week!! Big hugs!

  10. The kitchen table is a place of many memories from my children-usually good but also deep conversations that dealt with real issues that were not so pleasant. But my fondest memories were around the kitchen table. I want to make my table that for my grandchildren.

  11. It's a good habit to get into, often i neglect the kitchen table, especially with just the two of us. You have inpired me to see what new things I can do to make it a little more invitinh

  12. My kitchen "table" is an island and although we don't eat at it as a family for dinner it is the hub of the kitchen and all gather around it. I am a bug about keeping it cleared off because I agree with you. It lifts the spirits and makes the whole kitchen more inviting!

  13. What a beautiful post on a very special place in the home! I always keep my kitchen table neat and tidy as well, and you are so right, so many treasured memories take place around the kitchen table! May the Lord continue to bless all you do!

  14. Our table is usually a catch all for everything here lately, especially when our daughter moved out, just being the two of us now it gets a lot of stuff just thrown on it, great idea to keep it cleaned off.

  15. I loved this quote:
    "Use what God has given you!
    Keep your heart alive with simple home, keeping routines!"


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