Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Frugal Benefits Of Finding Just The Right Pattern For Sewing A Skirt...

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I So Enjoyed Sewing This Skirt...

Sewing can be very rewarding and so good for your wardrobe!
Once you find a pattern that fits well you can make so many
different skirts of many different pretty fabrics.

Finding a pattern that fits well and looks pretty is no easy task!
And once you get the pattern pieces cut out, that is half the work.

It is a pattern that requires a knit fabric, which is a favorite of mine;
Easy care and requires no ironing!
It has an easy fit and does not cling tightly.
The pattern that I am using is by NEWLOOK 6108
It only has 3 pieces and an elastic band for the waist!

Finding a nice blouse or top to go with each one is
sometimes a bit of a challenge.
So if I have a pattern skirt and then I need a solid top.

And finding fabric that is reasonable is all part of the journey.
This is where sewing a simple skirt can be a very frugal way to add
A very nice piece of clothing to your wardrobe!

I am no way a seamstress. But I am always learning.
I did find a real treasure while out antiquing today;
I found a look alike vintage dress for a few dollars!
So soft and feminine looking!

I am always buying fabric for aprons which is my weak spot,
And they only require a yard of material.

But, I did find a full fitted very old apron that is just beautiful!
But it is paper thin and I will need to cut out a pattern from it!
It has very petite tiny purple flowers and a beige background,
And the bias tape is the thinnest I have ever seen.
 Which is a deep purple!

I always wonder where the days go...
If an apron could talk and the stories they would tell!

In my sewing room, I have;
~Drawers of material that long to be cut out and sewed up as pretty aprons~

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I did buy some very pretty yellow curtains for my living room today!
I was shocked at how bright the living room seemed!
Sunshine and Sunflowers...

I wish you all a lovely and creative season...

What are you all up to in these HOT dog days of summer?


  1. Oh! What a a very pretty skirt you're making, dearest Roxy! You've truly inspired me to keep sewing lovely items for my wardrobe! Thank you:)
    And oh! You found the sweetest apron...I adore the fabric!
    Enjoy your sewing and I am working on fabric coasters but oh my! It is so cold here that I have to wrap up in layers to stay warm!
    Blessings and hugs...have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Roxy, thank you for ALL your post! I have been spending the past year and a half recovering from brain surgery and I have seizures that keep me from driving now. I can't get to Bible studies, friends homes or the stores on my own. I don't leave the house to get out like I once did. The Lord gave me your blog along with a few others to give me hope, encouragement, to inspire me to do the things I have always wanted to do like sew aprons and be the homemaker He has called me to be. You are a blessing to us all. Thank you, Vickie

  3. Your skirt is adorable! I would like to make some skirts- it is sooo hot here in GA. Can you tell me the pattern number? Thank you, Angela

  4. Great post Roxy, I so enjoy your blog and have visited a few times.
    This post about finding a skirt pattern you like being a good benefit is near to my heart.
    About three years ago I found a long A-line skirt pattern that worked well for me.
    Since I use it often it was getting worn out. I attached iron-on Pellon to the back of the pattern. This gave my partner strength.

    Agreed, making multi-colored print skirts or tops expands one's wardrobe options. Using any of the colors in the print affords you the option of many contrasting outfits and accessories.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings, Janet

  5. I do love the skirt Rox, it may even tempt me to sew one up. I like the top in that pattern as well; it looks cute together. I would love to see your curtains and remodels when your done. Have a great week end.

  6. I recently brought out my sewing machine and it's been humming ever since.
    There is something so rewarding to create.
    I need to build up my material drawers, so I can be creative, spontaneously.

  7. Well, today I baked a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of peanut butter cookies to freeze for when our grand kids come to visit! I would like to want to sew, but my attempts have never turned out well. My Mom and sister both loved sewing and I guess I was left out of that department. Your skirt is lovely and the apron reminded me of my Granny, who always wore an apron. I still have one she made for me.

  8. Hi Roxy, Love your sewing projects with such pretty fabric. Having a great pattern is have the game won for success when creating pretty clothes.
    I'm always working on something for the shop, home, or gifts. Currently I will be hunting for fabric for an outdoor bench for my son's backyard. Hubby is building the bench and I'll do the seat cushion. We are using an old double size headboard for the back. It will be a birthday gift.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely posts. Have a nice weekend.
    Blessings, cm

  9. I have always wanted to take my very rudimentary sewing skills to the next level and attempt to make clothes, but I have been a little timid about it. Perhaps having the right pattern is the key. I love aprons, maybe I should start there and work my way up to skirts! ;)

  10. I do so love sewing and aprons are my favourite! :) I have yet to really learn how to use patterns, but I'm working on it. :)
    Lovely materials are a soft point for me as well. I love the material you used for your skirt. :)
    May God continue to bless your sewing times.

  11. I must have a look out for the skirt pattern, I do like easy ones and that looks great for summer!! I have plenty of time to sew some before summer arrives!!

  12. Roxy,

    Your new skirt is lovely. I have sewn myself two new skirts this past month and it has been a treat to wear something new and summery! The apron you found is a beauty! What a great idea to make a pattern from it. Hope you are enjoying a lovely summer so far! : )


  13. I love the skirt pattern and I adore ALL aprons! I love to find vintage aprons at the thrift or antique stores.


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