Monday, July 6, 2015

Living A Colorful Life...

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Yellow. Black Or White We Are Precious In His Sight...

God is the one who gave us color!
The spectrum is a color wheel or rainbow,
There are primary colors and secondary colors,
Are any of them less important or beautiful?

In every crayon box we all have a color we use more,
Mine was always the blue one to do the background sky blue.

I think we all can really relate to color and how it affects us!
But once again we can misuse colors and symbolisms.

Remember when so many teens were wearing all black?
They called it the gothic look;

We all have a wonderful memory of seeing a Rainbow in the sky!
I remember once seeing a triple rainbow,
It was perfect and three full rainbows filled the massive sky!

Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign...

We are told to careful of reading too much into a sign,
I have seen every view point imaginable that was trying to prove
Its validity by either a wrong view of scripture or just plain 
Taking It out of context.

There are so many books being written that just seem a bit odd;
Or really off!

Have you ever been duped??
I have...
And, after repenting and asking God to show what is false,
He has always revealed the truth to me!
Did I find it in another book?
No, I always found it right there in scripture!

We must be very careful...

If it sounds a bit off, check it out!
God honors those that study to show themselves approved!
Every dream is not something you should take as the gospel truth;
But, we can know that some things are just plain off.

I continue to ask the Lord to help be discerning of things!

I would also like to add a little warning here of reading too much
(Christian Romance)
Even in their simple sweetness can bring an empty feeling to you!
(Your Real Life)

We are seeing history in the making, Not something that we should
parade around town and blast your FB page with!
Making sport or tying to prove a point just becomes cheesy!
Marriage is God's idea...
We think we can change the definition of what marriage is;
But we cannot!
As God said in his word, only seed that falls on good soil will produce.

I think we will continue to see shocking things. But we can speak what 
We believe without being offensive. 
But, I know we have once again opened another door!

But, I am still called to be a keeper of my own home!
Doors and signs and books written to deceive!
May you quickly learn to not be shocked!

I feel at times all this stuff is but a smoke screen...

May the real use of the rainbow, not be forgotten in the Bible scriptures.
Do not take part in anything that will divide!
God will one day, straighten us all out...

Now is the time to shine!
Keep your eyes out for the real deal!
The Supreme Court is not God!
And even they will be held accountable!

The First Amendment still stands!
There still are a few men and women who have courage!
Seems like the left is trying to shame the right!

Did you know they have coloring books for grown ups now days!


  1. Good post,Roxy. Yes, I did hear about coloring books for Adults, but don't you just love coloring in one for children even through we have "outgrown" them!

  2. Amen Roxy, thank you.

    Roxy, I have been looking for adult coloring books for my son who has cerebral palsy. Do you know where I can find adult color books? I have looked online but not found anything.


  3. Dearest friend, thank you for this well-written post. I so appreciate your willingness to not sugar-coat things...standing on the Truth is not only rewarding, but also a testimony to those around you. Yesterday I was listening to a sermon from Eric Ludy. If you have time to listen to it here is the's excellent!

    Put it on while cooking or cleaning :) Have a blessed day, my friend. Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration this week. Love and hugs!

  4. You are so right about even Christian romance novels. We begin to think, "Why do I not have that?" "Why is my husband not the Christian leader that I need him to be?" Satan can put a wedge of doubt in anything God means for good. But again, God can take what Satan counts as evil and make it good. Such a pretty post.

  5. I hear you loud and clear dear friend. Great post!
    Love you.

  6. Hello Roxy! Once again you have hit the nail on the head. It is easy to get on the bandwagon. We must continue to trust the Lord and look to Him for all things. He reigns faithfully no matter the earthly circumstances happening. Thank you for your words of inspiration this week! I needed to hear them. {{hugs}}

  7. Amen my going to listen to the sermon Stephanie commented about. Keep speaking the truth in love

  8. Indeed we are Roxy...shocking things for some of us that hold true to our values and is just wrong! I thank you for sharing and providing lovely inspiration! Have a lovely week!

  9. You have certainly spoken the truth here, my friend. We are called to love everyone but that doesn't mean we have to agree with everything they stand for. That is where many seem to be confused. And I am even seeing Christian friends and family be on the fence about some of these issues. I am so glad that this world is only my temporary home! Great post, Roxy!


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