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Are You Following After Every Wind Of Doctrine...

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The Wind Is Blowing In So Many Directions...

I have felt and seen such a strong resistance from so many people.
I believe it is because no one wants to be corrected or instructed in anything.

We all need to be willing to learn and to be able to  respond to wise direction!
Just because it's not new or improved, does not make it incorrect!

It seems that everyone is the boss and their own master;
Do we not summit because there is no one capable to lead...
 That could be the problem, or we are just not going to listen to sound doctrine.
Hey, if my ears are not being tickled what fun is that!

Now, what has happened to the older teaching the younger?
Oh wait, I forgot...
You all know everything//
Before you get your hackles up; I am also referring to myself,

Being teachable is a gift that some just do not have;
If we are very quick to respond when we are being spoken to,
This can be a sign of not being teachable...

If you find that you do not agree with anyone that does not hold to your
Personal ways of doing things, not able to see error easily.

Being dogmatic, is a sure way for us to find ourselves in a valley.

Even in the book of Ezekiel, he was in the valley
And I can just imagine he was wondering well these are just old dead bones;
But it was God who told him what and when to speak to the dry bones,

Even, This Prophet had to do it in just the right way!
Instruction is good if we will listen!

As a child, I did not take kindly to people telling me what to do and when to do it!
But as an older mature woman, I now see the wisdom in listening to instruction.
Our God has been so gracious to us by giving us all an instruction book!

~ ~ ~

The Holy Bible

~ ~ ~
I think we have all taken way to many new ideas from books written by mere men

I was wondering as I walked through a Christian bookstore;
Are we to take all this in as a new revelation?
Has a new book that you may have read left you feeling empowered?
I tend to think so many of these books appeal to the flesh and the natural man!

Maybe I am just very cautious;
But, I tend to see how they always turn into what I need to do...

I believe God can still do anything that has been written in the Bible,
Old or New testament!

But I also know that we can not just go to a school or read a book;
 And become equipped to do everything!

Always error on the conservative side,
 I would rather be a bit slower
And not jumping on the bandwagon of every new doctrine that is being taught
In so many books and ministry!

~ ~ ~
Trust me, when God shows up you will know it!
This could be the rapture or judgement;
He does tell a group of people in a parable this;
Depart from me, I never knew you;
(What was their response?)

Why did God warn us of false doctrine and apostasy that would come?
Oh that's right, you can't be deceived...
Your too smart for that!

Well, it sure wouldn't hurt to ask the Lord to reveal any false belief systems
You may be involved in...

I have seen or heard so many fleeing from the church's;
They have said it is because the church is embracing so many false doctrines.
These people have been in these church's for twenty or thirty years.

 We can choose sound doctrine and wisdom,
Or believe every powerful man made doctrine and book and do just what you want;
Or is this just being stiff neck and not teachable?
Sound doctrine looks boring after you have had a dose of the supernatural programs!
You very well may start thinking that we all should be doing that!

And mind you that is possible, but only if He wills it!
I know you must defend your way of doing things; I guess I have seen
So many ways that people defend each person's position and belief.

So, I think I will just keep busy sweeping off my own front porch;
And always be ready in season to tell others the Gospel!
And hopefully I will not add my own things to it;
As it is truly all about Him and His finished work...

No New Revelations, it's all been written!

But He does tell us not to despise prophecy;
Or have words of wisdom and knowledge to love and encourage the body!

Are you seeing a false doctrine or apostasy creeping into your church or lives?


  1. Yes, Mrs. Roxy, yes! You are so right, and many are in danger because of this. I am a Catholic Christian, and I happen to live in a politically liberal area, so in my parish there have been strange undoctrinal happenings. I think there's an easily-crossed line these days between welcoming the sinner and letting the sinner, unrepentant, re-teach Christianity to the faithful. I was horrified when on Father's Day, the pastor allowed a partnered lesbian to give the sermon, and in it she compared herself to St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus! That was a triple blow for me- lay persons shouldn't be giving the sermon (at least in our church), unrepentant people shouldn't be teaching the congregation, and certainly an unrepentant person shouldn't be tooting their own horn like that, equating herself to a saint out loud to everybody. And no no no- Father's Day is for real fathers. Another woman there (also a partnered lesbian), who was standing next to me as we said aloud the Lord's Prayer, prayed to "Our Father-Mother." I was flabbergasted and disturbed. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I'm just so concerned for these people. I no longer attend that parish, it was simply too much. I join you in your exhortation to beware false doctrine, and continue to pray for those led astray. God bless.

  2. So many voices, so many books, so many teachers -- we must be very careful what we listen to, and what ministries we follow. I have, over the years, followed some ministry or other only to learn of serious problems with it. I am very careful now. Everything must be tested. xo Deborah

  3. Oh...dearest Roxy! What you said here is very, very true...I have always been wary of such books - the Bible is as true and clear as it was all those years ago, and there is still SO much wisdom to be obtained from its pages...may Jesus guide our hearts back to Him and His Holy Word for it is there we can discover all the answers to the questions we have!
    I of course am not totally against reading books, but I am very careful to line them up with Scripture before believeing what they say!
    Blessings and much love to you...have a beautiful new week!

  4. I am grateful that I am able to discern false doctrine and least I feel pretty confident in this. Too many people are writing books, I agree... and I choose the ones I read very carefully, even pray over them at times. Have a great week, Roxy!

  5. Yes! So very true. As I have said so many times before, there are many wolves out there pretending to be sheep! We need to use wisdom and be wise in all things that we seek. It's all about Caution! Watch for those warning signs. If it's too good to be true, you probably shouldn't do it!
    I hope you have a great week!
    Hugs, Amy

  6. You speak the truth, Roxy! I am making my way through reading the Bible, and taking it slowly. I have never read the entire book, but I sure hope to. I'll never be an expert, but I'm trying and learning along the journey.


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