Saturday, August 29, 2015

How To Embrace Everyday Love In Your Marriage...

Everyday Love

After being  married for many years, it can bring about such a soft and comfortable love.
Some may even call this a boring love;
Not, I

Love in the beginning is young and is exciting, everything seems new.
But really you don't even know one another!
When we are courting or dating we are putting our best foot forward.
We are always seen at our very best...
We have not been tried or pushed out of our comfort zones.
Having conflict and issues in our differences allows us to grow.
One thing my husband and I have said is this;
We can agree to disagree...
We are not cookie cutter people,
We allow each other to have a difference of opinion!
We allow each other to have the space and a portion to speak
(What is in our hearts, without interrupting them)
A good marriage is not a dictatorship...
But rather a team that has to have a good leader!
In our God given roles, it has been given to him to make the last or final decision.
But I am so blessed that he inquires of me as to my thoughts,
An opinion on every major decision in our lives!

Also a good disagreement can even be healthy to clear up little
Irritations that can just start mounting up in our daily lives!
We must always be ready to resolve conflict and work together!
We always try to pull for the best outcome!
I believe God has used a marriage to teach us so many things.

Years of walking side by side, we have experienced many landscapes.
Valleys, and plains and mountains.

We are not wise to run away from the little tougher seasons or just a day or two.
In our walk with Christ it is in the very valleys we run from that we can
Become better acquainted and intimate with Him.

If You have not walked any valleys as yet;
May I tell you this dear ones,
 The valleys will come...
It is in the valleys that we are placed in the shade of the Mountain
The weight of His Glory can be seen in the shadows.
Being in a marriage for a long time is what makes a marriage vow grow
 and presses out the wimpy within us.

What started out as a wrinkle free wedding license surly can become
These wrinkles begin to show up on
 our wrinkled brows and our bed sheets,
Our wrinkled tummies from bearing the babies, we held within a once firm tummy.

Slowly you will blend and compliment one another
One day you will become familiar with what his sighs might really mean!
But only if you take the time to really listen...

You will learn that when they are silent
It does not mean that, they are angry or mad at you!
Maybe they have just had a hard day.

Marriage will change you!

But, I give you this bit of advice
 if you will love and forgive and roll into each others side
(Every night and hold each other tight)
You will live to grow comfortable and warm and not critical...

Love has many hues of color;
But it is in the dark of night or in a valley you must trust instinct.

~ keep your eyes on the Son~
Not each others faults;
For you both have many...

Real life has real challenges...
But if you resolve to love your spouse!
God will help you to become comfortable with old fashion love everyday!

May we learn to embrace Everyday Love;

Not what a romance novel might portray it to be!
God has written the greatest romance of all!
He gave it all, He held nothing back,
Why should you?

~Loving is the prize dear ones; even if it is not returned~

Love is truth in action and in words and deeds daily...

Do not become hard hearted dear ladies;
Keep your heart tender
Think the best of him always
Finding his faults will make yours grow!

Do you want to be found irresistible?
Keep loving even if it becomes hard as we are all being molded into His image.


  1. True words,Roxy! After almost 52 years of being married I can truthfully say there are lots of mountains and valleys that we'll have to travel. Love your post today, thanks for sharing these much needed words of wisdoms!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  2. Hi Roxy, you and your husband look so sweet and cute together! I really enjoyed your helpful post today on marriage.
    I hope all is well with you. Have a nice weekend.

  3. That was a beautiful post Roxy! I love the picture of you and your husband! Such a blessing! Thank you always for your encouraging words. Diane

  4. The photo of you and your husband is beautiful! : )

  5. What an incredibly powerful and truth packed post Dear Roxie! Indeed, true love is not much like the romantic stuff of novels and fiction. True love is really more about commitment than a feeling! I just loved your beautiful post that shared so well that marriage is more than a feeling, but it is a lifetime commitment of loving one another - through the good times and the bad!

    May the Lord continue to bless your sweet family, and your heart for Him!

  6. Great post with wisdom from a marriage veteran, Roxy. And I echo the compliments about the photograph; it's great!
    ~Lady Virtue

  7. Roxy, You are a precious vessel that the Lord uses in my life!


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