Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lovely Skin At Any Age...

~ ~ ~

How to have lovely skin at any age!

I want my skincare routine to be effortless…
And for the methods being easy and practical to follow.
It does not have to be a 10 step program.
If it gets complicated… You may become disinterested and not bother!
(That is not an option)

If I could only have one beauty product… I would choose a cleanser.

If I could have two, the second would be serum.

~ ~ ~

But I have always used a good moisture cream also.
I have had great results with a DayWear moisture cream.
~I use it day and night~

The older I get, the more I feel these products are essential to my skin’s well being.

I don’t believe in product miracles…
 No product can return us to our former glory like when we were twenty...

But that’s okay...

I want my skin to feel smooth, nourished and have the lovely glow and a soft texture
That comes from taking the time to nourish ones face and skin.
 I am convinced that good facial care pays off down the road!

The wrinkles will come, but as long as they are accompanied;
With a smile I can know that growing older and wiser is a god thing!

I have noticed that even using products in my earlier years
Were a help in keeping my skin from drying out and being prone
to wrinkles that were premature.

I think it is a huge thing we can do to help us feel pretty!

We are the temple and we must take care of all aspects of our health.
And keeping your skin clean and protected is not vanity!

Keep it simple and use what you can afford!
I have used plain soap and water as a young woman and Olay moisturizer.
But I do enjoy the luxury of a nice product!
They really do last a very long time...

~But just do something~

~ ~ ~

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  1. Hello my friend. You know that I share your love for womanly things that help us to have nice skin, and hair, and fingernails. It is a joy to take care of oneself with lovely products, cleansers, lotions, creams, rinses and serums. When we slow down and take time and pleasure in caring for ourselves, I believe it not only helps keep our outward appearance nice, but it also seems to me to establish a peacefulness in my spirit. My Mom always had nice skin, think because she cared for it consistently. She enjoyed trying all kinds of things, and I used to love to go into her bathroom and see what she had in there… even to the very last of her days. I enjoyed this post, and I think I might need to run to T.J. Macks and find some moisturizer.


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