Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Wind In My Sail...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

About this time of the year I long for sunshine and warmth...
But it is the sound of the ocean that I find so alluring.

It may be such a strong draw because we live so far from the ocean air and winds.
Because we;
Made our home and life on the flat lands of the prairies.

It is a funny thing when you think about how God places
us within our boarders!
It is no surprise to the Lord that we live miles away from an ocean!
As a matter of fact, we live smack dab between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

But I find that even in the middle I feel a draw to the water!
Not really the sunbathing or water sports,
But rather the tide that comes in and returns to the sea.
Over and over again...

The sea can be very calming and soothing to our souls;
But there are times the water becomes wild and out of control.

It is the wind that brings the turbulence!

The sea can be smooth as glass;
or rough and choppy...

And that is my point!
Life is like the sea...
When the winds of adversity strike it can cause damage.
But if we can set our face and sails into the wind.
We can build momentum and speed ahead in the direction,
That is the right course that the Lord has mapped out for you!

Why do we act shocked when things do not go
according to our plans?

Do we not trust God with all the details in our lives?

The ocean and life have an ebb and flow...

How I long for a breath of fresh air!

Sometimes this air smells of wood smoke from the chimney above.

Sometimes the air is filled with the smell of coffee and bacon frying,
In our early morning campsite in the summer time.

Sometimes it is the aroma of the Russian Olive trees in bloom!

Oh the smell of the rain that causes us to breath deeply!

I write this to encourage those that have had the wind knocked out of them.

Do not give up, the wind will surely once again come around
And help propel you to the new thing that is coming your way!

Comfort one another...


  1. Oh I do so love to be by the seashore too Roxy! What a lovely post!

  2. Hello. Good post. I have never been to an ocean, so I can't say I long to go, but I have that sane feeling when I see a mountain stream or a beautiful lake. Living on the flat plains can be hard at times, but just think of the view all around us...its simply stunning! The mountains are within our reach! God put us here for a specific reason and I'm so very thankful he did. There's beauty all around us, sometimes we have to just look beyond the brown...😊
    Hugs, Amy

  3. "I go to the sea to breath" is one of my favorite sayings because I love the sea air and listening to the waves.

    I have been going through my own trial and I'm just now coming out of it.
    I know what it's like to have the wind knocked out of me.

    In Hebrews 11, there are, the heroes of Faith. Each has endured having the wind knocked out of them. Each of them looked beyond their trial to the face of their Master.

    Great post!

  4. Do not give up, the wind will surely once again come around
    And help propel you to the new thing that is coming your way!

    Wow. I sorely needed to hear these words today. Thank you!


  5. Oh what a beautiful post!
    My cousin is moving from Dallas to Florida, just 30 minutes from the Atlantic!
    I can't imagine.
    It's a different kind of life.
    Hugs to you!

  6. Lovely post today. This is been a doozy of a winter. Lots of health issues for both hubby and I and many of our friends. And we're all relatively young! This touched my heart in a special way today. I, too, love the ocean...just watching the tides go in and out. Thank you for your wise words.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. A great word! We certainly have the ebb and flow and the only steady thing is God :)

    Have a blessed day!

  8. Lovely post, Roxy.. Life is like a sea..The calm and the stormy.. But all under his control... Living by the sea is a wonderful experience and I just can't imagine not being near it at least part of the time.. smile.. xo

  9. I love the seashore too! I love the sound of the waves crashing and the wind in my hair. Watching the sun rise or set over the ocean is just breathtaking. It is a spiritual experience for sure. This was a lovely post Roxy. I hope you are doing well. Have a blessed rest of the week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  10. What a wonderful post, my darling Roxy, thank you for sharing it with us !
    Sending blessings on your weekend ahed, sweetest friend of mine,
    with so much love and gratitude

  11. Oh how I love the salt air, the gusty cries of the seagulls, and the soft rhythmic flow of the tide as it brushes up against the sand. There is something healing and powerful in the rhythm and power of the sea, indeed! Storms come and go, the waves crash, and then soften again... like you said, the storms of life come and go, but the Lord is the master of them all! Much love to you today!


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