Friday, February 19, 2016

Pearls A Great Treasure...

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What do you consider to be a great treasure?

Jewels and cars and big beautiful houses, can be a powerful lure.
But we know deep down inside;
Money can't buy us happiness or love...

Have you ever really wanted something so bad, But then when you got it,
It was such an anticlimax moment after maybe a day or a week or a month.
Like maybe when the due date for the payment came due.

There is a mix in this world of the real and the imitation;
Or shall I call it what it is (A Fake)

We are not trained to tell the difference anymore!
So many of us cannot afford the real;
So we now have fake diamonds and pearls to your heart's content.

But there are just some things that cannot pass for the real!
Margarine instead of

Cool Whip instead of
"Whip Cream"

Stuff instead of

True and real love is the one thing that sustains life...

Love in a true relationship
(Husband and Wife)

The love you have for your children and grandchildren!

The love of a peaceful and joyous evening or day at home!

A good nights sleep...

Why do we run around looking for the next thing?
Why do we allow the need "more" syndrome rob us of the now?
Or the real foundational truth that it is love that conquers all!

May I give you a word of wisdom?
Stop missing the moments that are real and in your face!!

Dreamers and schemers and a false expectation...

Do what is required of you!
Give and enjoy and take pleasure in all you set your heart and hand too!

And you will find true love and joy and peace in the middle
of every season and trial or fearful thing that comes your way.

I can make this promise to you because I know it is true;
Christ love will sustain you
And His joy will fill you!

Love as if it were your last day upon this earth...

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Roxy, this is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

  2. SO true. All of it. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging mine at the same time. Hugs to you! Camille

  3. Yes, we have to love as if it were our last day upon this earth,
    it makes every day of ours the most PRECIOUS GIFT !
    Thank you for this wonderful post, my dearest Roxy,
    sending blessings on your weekend, sweetie
    with so much love and gratitude

  4. Thank you dear Roxy for this timely reminder...the time to show our love is today...Hugs to you from Shirley

  5. Love as if it were your last day upon this earth...

    I pray that I have the strength and courage to practice this every day. Thank you, dear Roxy, for such true words of wisdom, for sharing your heart, and for being my friend!


  6. Beautiful Post Rox, and so well said. I am going to miss blogging, but I will still enjoy popping in from time to time, and reading what you have to say and enjoying your lovely pictures. Hope you are staying warm on this snowy day... we have the home fires nice and toasty warm. We are doing paper work today... and I am catching up on laundry:). Hope you are well. Give a call when you get a few free minutes.
    XOXO, Pam

  7. Oh this was just dripping with wisdom!
    Especially the line, "Stop missing the moments that are real and in your face!!"

    I am always encouraged and challenged when I visit you.
    Thank you for pouring into women.
    Be blessed!

  8. Beautiful words of wisdom Roxy! Each day is full of promise, sometimes we have to look harder than other days, but we can always find something beautiful in each day, if we try. Thanks for th encouraging post! :)


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