Friday, February 5, 2016

Gods Grace Overflows And Where Your Treasures Is...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

These Young Ladies Inspire Me...

I have known each and every one of them for at lease
Two decades or more!

They desire to be Godly wives and mothers!
They have shown me honor and love...
I am so grateful that I have been able to speak truth and love
Into their hearts and families and marriages!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We were all having a little tea party lunch for sweet fellowship;
As these two young women were here visiting their Mother!
Which just happens to be my dear friend from our youth.
These two were best friends with my daughter growing up!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The one in the middle is my most precious Daughter In Love;
She was given to me as a gift through marriage...
She has blessed me beyond words!
Here is her link to her blog 

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This lovely lady and friend has been a part of my life

The two young ladies with me above our her two girls
"They are twins"

Here is Pam's Blog

We have had many years to grow a friendship that we always
pray brings glory to God!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

These young Godly Boys;
Belong to the women of the first photo I showed;
These are the young arrows these ladies are raising!

And of course, these boys are a few of Pam's and my grandchildren!
We both have more grandchildren that were not with us on this occasion.

I think it is rather very sweet to all be together for a few glorious hours!
The boys had so much fun...

We girls had a lovely day!
Tea and a yummy lunch!
And Love

( I just wanted to mention that the two girls in the photo with me;
Are the very ones that got all of us to start a Blog)
They are the very reason I have gotten to know so many other very special
Blogging friends all over the world!



  1. Oh how precious! Not many people have the privilege of having such women in their lives. This is a darling post. You and your girls are beautiful!

  2. What FUN to see you all together! And, what a wonderful blessing to have friends who spur us on to love the Lord more. :) Just look at all.those.boys!!!! I have a soft spot for boys since the Lord gave me three in succession. SO precious! Hugs, Camille

  3. Oh I loved seeing these photos. Longtime friendships in the Lord are such wonderful blessings. I am so grateful to God for giving me my blog where I have also met wonderful women of faith from around the world. Thank you for sharing your happy times with us.

  4. Ohh, what sweet pictures of these wonderful ladies, and your precious friend of many years! Your precious daughter-in-love radiates such beauty, as do all the other precious girls! I enjoy reading dear Amy's blog, and will have to visit your friend's blog. What a wonderful time to have together with everyone, such joy indeed! Blogging certainly has brought so much joy into my life too! It is a blessing to know you and Amy through blogging, and I look forward to meeting Pam now too.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day my friend! :)

  5. Dear Roxy, What joy it is to share life with younger women-your daughter, dil, friends daughters. I can well imagine that you have poured His love into them and they were blessed growing up around you. I love the pic of the boys too. I love that we both have a desire to see our adult daughters, sil's, grands walking in truth. Praying you have a joyous time together.
    Sending hugs your way!

  6. Dear Roxy,
    What a precious post! Thank you so much for posting it. It was indeed a very special day and tea party. Thank you so much for the wonderful day. Those girls are all precious treasures; and we only missed having Ashley. As for the boys; such a great group of boys. They are special young men, and truly a reward to parents and grandparents alike.

  7. Just precious Roxy. Seeing these photos just makes me want to jump on a plane and fly over to be with you and of course, time it for when Pam is visiting her daughters! One day I will God willing. Today is Sunday and it's a National Day of prayer and fasting for our country. An all day prayer meeting has been taking place in Parliament House. Yes, God's name is being lifted high right in the very place where our country is governed. It was a very special day in church today joining with so many Christians around Australia in prayer for our Nation. Feels a little selfish but you know I am going to pray right now that one day I have the opportunity to visit you and my other blogger friends in the States and Canada. We'll have a tea party of course!

  8. What a lovely post, Roxy! all the smiles are a testament to the love shared between all of you. You all reflect the Joy of the Lord in your faces. What a blessed day had by all!!
    Love to you, sweet friend.

  9. What beautiful family and friends, Roxy, and how very special you were able to all get together! My, look at all those boys!! They must have as much fun getting together as the ladies do!

  10. I loved seeing the photos of all the beautiful women and the sweet boys, too. You and they are blessed to know each other, Roxy.
    Also, your Valentine banner from your other post, is just adorable!


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