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How To Keep Our Loved Ones Away From This Death Culture...

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A Little Rose: Sugar And Cream And Butter Dish Set...

May I encourage you all to make for yourself and those you love
"A place of refuge and peace"

We all know how things can seem very brash and worn out in our world;
It is as if the whole world needs a refreshing coat of paint.
I remember as a child that after the parade was over, the streets were
Littered with trash and cups and it all looked so dirty.

When I come out of a store now days the parking lots look so dirty.
The streets and roads have potholes, and homeless standing on all the corners!
As a woman that enjoys clean and organized;
And I love beautiful things, like flowers and teacups,
So with this all said, I might not be able to clean up all the parking lots
And help all the homeless people! I do pray for them, for God to heal
their minds and that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ;
And not just as Savior, but to make Him Lord of their lives...

But I can create a place in our humble abode that just overflows,
With beauty and comfort and joy, And where it feels clean and fresh!
It is not tarnished by worldly trash...

I feel at times that my senses are being assaulted from the liberalism,
Don't act shocked...

It seems like we are seeing such a death culture;
Skeletons on even children's clothing,
(How Cute)

Okay, maybe everything in this life is not all Roses,
But I know this for certain this skeleton and skull stuff is just plain wrong!

If we are going to overcome the negative in this world;
We better have a course of action;
Counteract it!

We are going to have to put a bit of effort in choosing things that
liven up a home!

Things of beauty and life, order and peace!
~God is the Master of order and life and beauty~

They call it art or self expression, but what it really produces is this,
Death of beauty
Death of life
Death of purity
Death of hope

So we must counter this culture with as many forms of purity of
wholeness of our thinking and homes filled with enough love
To help this next generation survive and overcome a death mentality!

Make it a priority to have a home filled with lovely and life giving
Conversations and prayer and a good belly laugh...
Because we must live life to the fullness!
Tell your children what the real truth is behind these things;
They just want to fit in with their peers, but do not give in to them!

This is where we trust in the Lord when He says this,
They shall arise and call you blessed
(Arise= older and mature)

They really just want you to not give in and give them what they are asking for!

I wish I had been told NO more times in my childhood years;
I bet many of you out there would say the same thing;
Sometimes we just have to say NO...


  1. Roxy,
    My dear.... I am always so moved and inspired when I visit you.
    You take the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't say it better (even though I say it all the time). I am a Christian conservative and am saddened by all the ugly and evil all around us. There will be consiquences. I live a "sheltered" life and try to make my home a wonderful, beautiful place for my husband and family. We pray together every single day with special prayers for our country, our leaders and those in need.
    You are an inspiration and I hope your words touch someone in need.
    May God bless us all.


  2. I really appreciate you!

    We can't change others, but we can stand strong and keep a joyful home.
    Like i always told my children, "Somebody is ALWAYS watching you."
    They just might like what they see!

  3. I've been doing a number of posts of how to dress nicely, putting in effort in to how we dress in public etc.. because I think many modern women have lost their way and have forgotten what feminine and beauty really are because they only see harshness and ugly around them. Lovely post :))

  4. Bring on the appreciation for cleanliness, godliness and beauty. Oh, my, how we need a revival of these!

    Hugs to you for timely sentiments,

  5. I wish I had been told NO more during my childhood also; mostly for protection from evil. We said NO a lot to our children and they thank us now that they are all grown up!

  6. What a beautiful and encouraging post, Roxy! Yes, we must counteract this culture of death. I cannot stand those skulls on clothing either--and even for little ones no less! How strange the world is that embraces such things and sees them as "cute". But thankfully, we can raise our children with a different mindset, joyfully and lovingly pointing them to the Way of Truth. I hope you are welll!

  7. I just love how you are pinpointing the sad issues that face our world today, and not just pinpointing them, but offering hope. I too am saddened by the culture of death around us, and never can understand why people get so excited about Halloween, even Christians! Another marvelous post, my dear friend!!

  8. Amen! You said it all and I agree, Roxy!

  9. You are so right! Working at our local elementary school, I see so much of the clothing having skulls on them. It is so sad. My heart breaks for so many of the kids. If they only had parents that are willing to say NO!

    Thanks for your posts they are so encouraging.

  10. I agree...when did a skull and crossbones become cute? I see mom's wearing it on their shoes, and their little daughter's sitting in grocery carts with the same pair of shoe's on their feet!! Thank you for speaking this out, Roxy. It needs to be said, and stopped in our homes!!
    I appreciate your boldness In Christ.

  11. Of all your posts I've read, this one as the best. I was "amening" all through it! May God bless us to bring life through our homes, our words, our actions -- His Light in us will pierce the darkness, we just need to keep shining!!! Cindy

  12. I followed your link over from Always Learning and am really excited to read your blog!! I love what I've seen already.

    Have a wonderful night,

  13. Hi Roxy, your post should be published in more places then blogland. So glad you shared this. What some think is cute is just evil.
    The teaching starts at home.
    You are a blessing my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  14. Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes to everything you shared!!! Oh, Lord, give me the creativity and love to create a home that cultivates kindness, purity and one that glorifies You. May others feel Your presence and refreshed when they are within home. May the hope of Christ fill their hearts as they go back out into the world.

  15. This is one of the best posts you've written and so true. It can be hard to focus on what is good when there is so much that is wrong. Like one of the commenters above said, we have to try to somewhat shelter ourselves from it, yet there are those who think it's wrong to shelter even our children. Like you, I also do not understand why there is a trend of skulls on little girl's clothes!

  16. Roxy, I'm sorry I've missed a number of your posts.

    Sadly, the clothing is just the outward manifestation of our culture's acceptance of things like assisted suicide and abortion. I think it speaks so clearly of our culture's rejection of Christ.

    Let us all have the courage to keep the light shining in the darkness. People desperately need it, even if they don't know it.

  17. Oh Roxy, I feel the same way about skeletons on babies, it's not cute. I love what you wrote today. Thanks for this post. Hope all is well with you. Take care.
    Julie xo

  18. I enjoyed reading more words of wisdom from you, Roxy. Yes, we definitely must say NO to children and our grandchildren and explain why. Thank you for sharing your message.

  19. Yes ~ it is so true. I remind myself that the light shines brightest in the dark. Please Lord~ help us to shine our lights brightly!

  20. Oh, I do know what you mean, Roxy...sometimes I wonder how long Jesus will tarry. It is a scary world we live in today and if young people do not have a solid foundation, sorry to say, they don't stand a chance.

  21. Yes, Rox, it is so true, we have to work to establish light in the darkness and life in the death culture. It is all around, and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. Love the post look so forward to a nice visit with you soon.
    Love and blessings,

  22. Yes, Roxy, you are so right about skulls and crossbones on children's clothing. Another pet peeve of mine is seeing young children dressed in camouflaged print clothing. I am truly amazed that there is a market for any of this.

    Hope all is well Roxy. Enjoy the remainder of the week!

  23. Many times we have to say NO. I couldn't agree more!!! "All is permissible but not all is beneficial"...
    Thank you for sharing this.

  24. This was such a powerful post Roxy. I came across it as I was looking through your blog....a good post to put back up again...Hugs from Shirley

  25. Amen!! I am new to your blog. Such a blessing;)


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