Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Post A sign That Says No Tresspassing...

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Now this is a really nice thing to see...
We all have signs that might be placed on our doors and welcome mats on the porch..

We have little ornaments in our gardens that all say welcome;
We see these as we might cross a state line that says Welcome...

Mostly we do welcome those that come into our homes or property lines;

But as women that are told in scripture to guide our homes,
We must heed these words;

So we sometimes simultaneously have to have another sign posted
Such as theses;

Can we just open our doors to all?

I think not...

I do not live in fear, but I will say that there seems to me to be an all time high;
Of low life mentality...

They seem a bit off, mental and spiritual understanding that is riddled with
Untruth and trusting them is just not wise!

~I feel like I am called to be a watchman on the wall~

Beware of the lions and tigers and bears, oh my...

But in these days we should beware of the

--------- and ------- and -------- oh my!

YOU fill in the blanks...

We do not live in Wonderland and this is not Disney or the Magical Kingdom.
All these places and open doors are not wise.
And NOT everything  is acceptable or should be permitted!

Trust Me...
Said the Big Bad Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood you sure are looking good!

Why does God give us discernment?
Can anybody answer that?

It is so we can discern between evil and good!
We cannot just go by looks and yet we can also go completely by looks...
That is why we need to discern as things can look one way,
And yet can be completely off...

We must look at the fruit and past history
History always proceeds the future;

I am not saying people cannot change, but I am also reminded where 
The Lord says can a leopard change his spots?

" History will always repeat itself"

Well, not on my watch...

You are Welcomed,
Jesus is always welcome...
 But just remember Beware
 (I am watching you)
As is the Lord...


  1. Good and True advise, we should all heed!

  2. Hi Roxy, this is so good. Yes, we must be mindful that things can go wrong and life is not always the friendly place we wish it could be.
    We have to be watchful, wise and aware. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. With God's direction, he will guide us through the jungle!!
    Have a great rest of the week sweet friend.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  3. Roxy, I love the way you just spell it out plain as day for all to understand. Bravo, my friend! Wishing you joy in the journey~

  4. Totally agree, good and true advise. I always walk away from reading your posts thinking about the words you have said. Love that I can do that.

  5. A great and wonderful post, Roxy!

    Jan ♥

  6. It's easy it get a hero complex and think we are obligated to save the world and allow people to attached themselves to our families , people without good values who don't intend to change their lives. This is a bad influence on children and bad for your marriage and your home.

  7. I find the guard I need to set most is over media that comes into our home, Roxy. I just reviewed a movie called Virtuous on my blog that is all about a leopard changing his spots situation.

    My 13 year old Amy is using the apron you made me as a pattern to make herself an apron in 4H class. Thank you again for it. I've enjoyed it so much.

    Please drop by and say hello!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  8. It is sad that we cant openly trust even in small communities but that is just the way it is during these times.

  9. Good and sound advice, Roxy.
    We DO need to pray for discernment in these days.
    I thank God for your honest, and bold are a blessing to so many.
    I love you, dear friend.

  10. Indeed there is much we need to beware of. We need to protect our children and ourselves.


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