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Can A Womens Dress Rob God Of His Glory? And Dressing in a Feminine Way...

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The dressing down in America is so upsetting in our world today!
So many women look like frumps;
Or we have the other extreme of women who looks so provocative;
You may find yourself wondering is this a brothel
And this is in the church today...
The church has become a place for the world to come in to see if the shoe fits;
Or how far do I have to go to look like a God fearing woman??

Does all this really matter?

As I walked through a very large airport this last year I was shocked at what I saw!
But I felt more shocked at what I see in our churches today.

I am not a prude and I do like looking fashionable
Both seductive and alluring is not acceptable...
I did a post on why we should not show cleavage awhile back
You can view it here
Cover Your Cleavage

But now I must do another post for the derriere (bottom half)
Tight pants and skirts and dresses that accentuate your plump bottom
Excites men of all ages...
You my dear become a distraction and a source of allowing yourself
~To rob God of HIS Glory~

As a woman we are to give a visual of hiding what is beneath.
This is really what makes you alluring;
We can also look like a Nun in a full habit and still be provocative;
So we have here ourselves a real problem
Can we just cover all the female parts and be void of this problem?

We seem to have too many women not doing their job;
 of speaking to ladies and girls on how to dress!
  And being an example!
And we have so many who feel they have the right to dress any way they choose.

Okay, maybe we can not stop this trend of dressing like harlots;
But we can still teach and preach and at times confront in love.
But I will warn even if it is done in love they will be mad and offended!

It is like we have lost all sense of womanly features of the term ladylike!
And believe me, those who are lovely and ladylike in their style,
They are like a picture of loveliness... 

We may need help in what is appropriate;
(Don't get all frustrated over this statement)
Ask God, if what you're wearing is okay!

And, I love this one;
I asked my Husband and he said he doesn't care what I wear...
So if he wants you to wear a revealing top in public is this okay?
Or Daise Duke shorts...

Sometimes ladies you could ask your husband if what you're wearing is okay,
But if he has not made a covenant with his eyes and watches P_ R_
He would not be a good choice to use...

To dress more femininely, you should wear flattering clothes that aren't revealing.
 Wear more ladylike clothes such as skirts, dresses, pointed shoes, a cute pair of boots,and scarves,
Wear slacks or jeans that are not too tight!
 A lovely blouse or anything that distinguishes you as a woman and a lady.
 You don't have to look buttoned up, but you can should avoid looking too provocative.
 Wear anything that has feminine features. 

 You can find the look that's best for you. If you really don't look good in skirts, go for something else like a loose flowing slacks with a long tunic type.

If you do wear jeans...
Do not wear the skinny jeans!

 Just avoid the "just rolled out of bed" look. Don't wear baggy sweatshirts,
 Baggy pants, long T-shirts, or anything that completely hides your shape. 
The over large bag look!
Unless you're going to Walmart you would just blend in!

 Whatever you wear, you should look like you've put in an effort
 Anyone should be able to see that you've put some time and effort into putting your look together.

I just love that word!!

 In addition to your clothes and makeup,
 you should spend some time finding the perfect accessories to go with your wardrobe.
 You don't need to get a box full of accessories -- just a few key items
 can help tie your look together and can make you look more feminine.
 Here are some items to consider as you work on your more feminine look:

A Great purse
A pretty silk scarf
A cute hat (straw for summer)
 Pearl earrings or other gold hoops
A pearl bracelet or Some thin silver bracelets
I love a necklace myself...
 A cute headband or clip works well for some.
 A signature Scent is so very feminine!

If you want to look like a lady, then you have to smell like a lady.
 Consider putting a dab of perfume on your neck
 or rubbing some scented lotion on your hands or arms.
 Remember to only use a light touch you don't want to overwhelm anyone with too-strong perfume.

~Be Graceful~

Being graceful as you walk, and sit!
 Cross your legs at least at the ankle. 
All this is important for where you are and what you're doing. 
When I am on the shooting range, you must move and act appropriately.
 Being graceful is the way you carry yourself in all situations.

~Acting Like a Lady~

Being kind and being confident in who you are in Christ! Looking calm and not anxious.
I remember always being in a hurry, and it showed in my mood and my mannerism.


  1. I've been writing about this lately - one on being a lady and the other about dressing up a little when going out - both very popular posts because I think women (certainly the ones who read our blogs) do want to be more ladylike but some struggle with it. I agree that is doesn't take much to look feminine and less frumpy and it isn't expensive and some think. I like to wears scarves as they often add colour to an outfit and there are so many beautiful scarves about. I also like to add a brochure or earrings/necklace to an outfit, a little perfume etc.. all make a differences. And frumpy doesn't have to mean wearing outfits that are down to the ankles, a pretty knee length skirt and feminine top can be just as nice.

    Being a lady:

    How to dress out and about:

  2. Ah Roxy, yes truly said, and yes whe out my small arena at church etc it can be a shock to walk the streets of the big city when there for Drs .. Think it is something women need to be an example .. To be throughly furnished outwardly reflecting theowrk of work of God inwardly in our hearts and lives.
    After all "man seeth the outward appearance but God looketh on the heart"...
    "As he thinketh in his (or her) heart so is he."
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  3. Keep this post up as a favorite!

  4. What we wear can be a testimony for our Christian lifestyle. Amen.
    Blessings to you,

  5. This is so needed today. I know it is everywhere, but I live where it is very warm most of the year, and most everyone is so sloppy because the heat gives them the excuse of being "casual." I try to dress femininely, but casual feminine can be hard to find. Often I get asked why I am "dressed up." There are also those who have too much skin hanging out and again the excuse is it's "too hot." We have a lot of theme parks and amusements, and going to these places when it's fairly warm out can be really uncomfortable, when you and your family get stuck in line behind people wearing the "Daisy Duke" shorts and bikini tops. I can tell some ladies are trying to look more feminine though. In some ways the men are worse. Not in being too revealing but in being sloppy and lazy looking. I rarely can get my husband to put in any effort in his clothing - if he puts on something that is not stained, I'm doing good!

  6. My parents taught my sister and I modesty in our clothing. Our dress code was strict and so now I am uncomfortable with the dress of women today, especially as you mentioned, in church. Both my nieces wear very revealing clothing and I'm sure it hurts my sister, but they are adults now and their friends also dress inappropriately. It's sad to see what women are wearing in public these days.

  7. Preach it Roxy! We have two extremes, frumpy and sloppy or provocative. I think we should take care in dressing beautifully and femininely, and in a ladylike way. A sloppy frumpy look is no testimony. But we should also respect ourselves and others enough to dress in a way that doesn't draw attention in the wrong way either.
    Even though I do wear jeans, I do think there's nothing like a dress for looking beautiful.

  8. Great post spoken with love, and great truth by covering both sides of the spectrum from frumpy to provocative! As always, your posts are spot on Roxy!

  9. You have a lot of good advice here, Roxy. This is my first time on your blog, but lately, God has been guiding me to sister's in the Lord and their blogs.
    My mother and I dress feminine and modestly. We were out shopping together the other day (she is 86 and I am in my early 60's) Anyway, as we were getting back into my car, there was a man who became so excited by the way were dressed. (long skirts and nice tops)He stepped away from his car and said 'Wow! You ladies as so refreshing to see! and he said 'Wow'! again.' So, my comment to him was 'God bless you, sir!' He was just a normal looking man, probably in his 40's and his wife was sitting at the wheel of the car in a tank top and clutching the steering wheel. So yes, there are men who do notice when women who present a crown of godliness to the world. I can say, it encouraged me to have him praise us! We live in a Bible belt in Central California, and I do know what you mean about provocative dress in the church these days. When I was in high school, when dresses were 'still in style' the length had to be just at the middle of the knee. And even at that length, if a girl or woman crossed her knees, well, you could still 'see' a lot! Many of my Christian sisters have gone with the trend of wearing pants, and I just have not been comfortable. Maybe around my house doing heavy yardwork, but not on a normal basis. And the tightness of clothing, and the low cut, I have just never been 'bent' in that direction. Like one of my brothers said though, he has seen modestly dressed women be immodest in their behavior. Which is also true. God looks on the heart, but it is a crying shame that the fashion industry has seemed to dictate the frumpy look, and the extremely short dresses, where, if a Christian woman has to tug at her skirt when she stands up in church, you know that hemline is way too short! And when they get up on stage to sing? You can usually see clear to China! Not at all a pleasing testimony of modesty to the Lord. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

    A sister in Christ,
    Teresa in California


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