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How To Make A Ironing Board Cover...

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How To Sew Your Own Ironing Board Cover...

Making a new ironing board cover can be really a great idea;

My Reasons for wanting to make one myself;
I wanted a certain fabric to match my new sewing room that had pink in it
and has a vintage look to it.
 And as we know most fabrics used in ironing board covers are so modern looking.
I must admit I was a bit intimidated over the idea,

Firstly, may I suggest using the old cover as a pattern.
Measure how much length of material will be needed to cover your board
All ironing boards are not the same size or width!

Purchase a fabric that you love in color and design
Make sure it has a sturdy feel to it and will wear the use well.

Buy two packages of single bias tape to use for the draw string.
Purchase a color that matches your fabric

Purchase one package of Velcro Tape.
This will be put on the underside of the cover to keep it in place;
While on your ironing board.

Buy enough draw string cord to go completely around the cover,
Once again measure from your old cover for the length needed!
But buy at lease 12 inches longer to tie a good knot or bow,
And to assure not running short of the amount needed!
(You can buy all these things from the fabric store)

And of course you will need thread and a good pair of scissors!

Now lay out your fabric and lay the old ironing cover on top;
Measure twice, then start cutting around it and leave at least two inches extra!
Now lay this fabric on your board to check to see if it will be too large;
Or just right, that is why we add a bit extra.

Now, Add your bias tape,
Slowly start pinning it to the fabric, starting at the bottom flat edge of cover;
You will be leaving a small opening to add your draw string!
Once again refer to your old ironing board cover.
Pin the bias tape completely in place first!
Remember to keep the tape even so your draw string will go through it!
Have your pins facing into the cover so as you sew, you can remove them.
Start sewing from the flat bottom (remember to leave your space)
Go completely around the cover!
Remember to back stitch when you start and finish to reenforce your stitches!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

To add the draw string, use a safety pin and tie one end of string to it;
Then start pulling it through the bias tape that is sewn on your fabric.
Once it is all pulled through, make sure the other end does not come out.

Now lay this over your ironing board, start allowing it to contour to the board.
Pull it gently to you get a nice fit!

Then, once I make sure all fits well, Now, I sew into the backsides some
Velcro tape to keep it in place and it does not slip or move around!
I place the Velcro  tape in about three places, but two places might be sufficient.

When I had my sewing room painted our son put in an ironing board unit 
right into the wall for me. And because of its smaller size I was needed
A cover that would fit properly, but also I wanted a pretty one!
These Hide A Boards are really nice...

So because of this unique size needed it inspired me to make my own!
I am really glad I did as it was a fun and not really that hard!

I always leave the old cover and padding on as I like the extra padding
it adds to the board. So I just place the new cover over the older one!

 A new ironing board cover!

A few years back, I purchased from Etsy a new ironing board cover for myself 
 and I loved it as it was a fabric that had roses on it!
So I guess it won't be long and I will be making a new one for that board also!

I enjoy ironing and find it quite relaxing;
Also, I use it while crafting as a table for my items!

A good quality ironing board is a wise investment, just like a good pair of scissors!
My kids knew not to touch my good scissors (smile)

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I made mine;
Sometimes we need to try our hand at something different!

Also, I think this would make a nice item for stay at home Moms to make and sell!

Blessings, Roxy


  1. Well, look at you! Your ironing board cover is wonderful! I have been needing a new one {really bad} and was just going to buy one... maybe I should make one instead :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you a lovely week. Hugs!

  2. You chose a nice fabric.

    Is it single or double fold bias tape?

    You know, no one touches my good scissors, but they don't really want to touch my ironing board either.



  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Roxy! I have wanted to make my own, but never have done it. I don't care for the cover styles they sell in the stores either. I'll pin your tutorial for when I can finally do this myself.

    Have a lovely afternoon!

  4. Oh Roxy, it's the colors and pattern! You did a wonderful job on it! I wish I had an ironing board in the wall :)

  5. Hi Roxy, this is a wonderful project. I have the pull down ironing board in my laundry too and finding covers that size is difficult. I made my own too but the backside is sure not as nice as yours.
    I have always liked to iron. I know that's crazy but I find the time relaxing. Guess I'm old fashion!!
    Thank you for sharing your pretty board.
    I love the fabric.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Well, not being crafty or a person who sews, I guess I'm out on this beautiful project. I don't like to iron until I actually set up the ironing board and get with it and then I find it a pleasant task.

  7. Isn't it fun to take something old, and make it into something new, and have fun in the process! I love your new ironing board cover, and hadn't thought of using drawstring through single bias tape to do that. It was great to read your sewing inspiration today!

  8. This is just the push for me to make a new cover for my ironing board.
    Have you priced them in the stores?
    It is well worth getting something pretty, homemade and less expensive.

  9. That turned out great. I have an oversized ironing board and cannot find a cover for it anywhere. I cobbled one together but should really do a nice one now. You put me to shame. lol LOVE IT, Roxy- xo Diana

  10. Gosh Roxy, I adore that fabric to the moon and back! I've never thought to make my own ironing board cover, but I know it's on my to-do list now. Just gorgeous! Mimi xxx

  11. Dearest Roxy! What a pretty ironing board cover! I simply love the fabric you used and the colours...well, I think they are just perfect!
    Ironing can be quite a dull task, so I believe it is very important to make it enjoyable...having a lovely cover will most certainly do this!
    We just recently recovered ours as well as it was really old and not at all attractive!
    Thank you for your sweet tutorial - what a great idea to make and sell these! Shop bought covers can be so ugly but homemade ones are truly special!
    Hugs and much love to you! I am sorry I haven't visited recently...I have been away au pairing for almost a month, but praise the Lord! I am back home and He kept me safe and sustained me even though I really missed my family! How good it will be to get back to blogging once again!
    Have a special day!

  12. Roxy,
    I love your new ironing board cover! I have been meaning to make one for over a year now because another blogger posted her handmade cover and I loved it. Boy do I ever need one! The one I purchased came with such a thin, flimsy padding so I need to replace that as well.

    I love ironing as well, especially lovely linens! It is very relaxing!

    Wonderful post Roxy!

  13. Oh my goodness Rox, that looks wonderful. I long to make one, and will be putting it on my list of things to do this year. I am so glad you forged the way, and you have given me the idea that I can really do this.

  14. This is really lovely! Thank you for sharing! Pinning to my Pinterest board! :-)

  15. Wow.. That is a great project.. I have an ironing board in the wall like that at the farm and it needs a new cover.. Thanks for the inspiration..
    God bless ..xo

  16. Now Roxy...this is SO cute and clever! Who would have thought you could make a cover like this! Well done!!! I hope you have a marvelous Mother's Day and that you are surrounded by those you love!! Big hugs!

  17. Hi Roxy,
    What a great tutorial and I love how you used the Velcro underneath it all. The hide a board must be a wonderful addition to your sewing room!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, too. xo

  18. Good morning, lovely lady! I was thrilled to see you shared this with Roses of Inspiration - thank you :) Just yesterday I was ironing and I thought of you and was reminded that I need to make a cover for my ironing board.

    Enjoy your day! Much love!

  19. This project has been on my to-do list for some time! Thank you for the tutorial. I will be saving this! :)

  20. You did such a lovely job Roxy! Love the fabric. Pinned it. Diane

  21. Cute fabric Roxy! I made one from a pink floral stripe last year and I am still loving it!

  22. Roxy, this is just brilliant. Seriously, why have I never thought of this? We keep our ironing board set up in a little dressing area between our closets; I may need to give it a custom cover!

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home. I'm featuring you this week!

  23. Oh, how I wished I had a mounted ironing board - probably I wouldn't hate ironing so much as I do now!

  24. Just reading this again. I'm reading your blog from beginning to present. Slowly but surely. You could write a book with all the wisdom you share. Meanwhile, I do need a new ironing board cover and haven't made it yet. I'll have to see if I have enough fabric in my stash.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage


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