Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being A LightHouse Or A Sloth...

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The Light House

There is just something about a visual that makes me inspires.
I think that is why we never grow tired of watching a baby sleep;
Or see the sun setting...

I look at this house that is right next to the light house;
And I can't help but imagine who lives and makes this place their home.

Are they happy?
Do they appreciate the beautiful view that surrounds them?
Do they give thanks to the Heavenly Father for His provisions?

Every Person has a job to do in every family!
Being mindful and working to keep them all running smooth.
As they say" all hands on deck"

When we are young we never stop to think that all the
Children will one day grow up and leave home.

And when they leave will they be able to run their own home;
one day? Will they be equipped to do all the things that are required?

Being a good parent is a bit like the lighthouse!
You help them to do what they were created to do!
Be the LIGHT

And you teach them to learn to see the dangers lurking below the waters.

When we become lazy and are not diligent in any arena;
We will see the lack!
The house is falling apart, the garden is overgrown!

The children do not know how to take care of their portion!

As a parent, we are to help our children to learn to control and maintain!
We must all learn to control and maintain!!!
Our emotions, and our desires.

But we must also all learn to be diligent;
Hard Working
Completing each task at hand

I remember teaching my children about the "Sloth"
They never wanted to be so slow in anything that they would
Grow moss upon their backs (smiles)
~It was a good word picture for all of us~

Forest said= stupid is as stupid does
Let's not be stupid!
Work while it is yet day!
~All Work Brings Profit~

Do you want you or your children to be the Light House?
Or the Sloth...

But it is our job to help them become all they can become!

The Word Commands us to:
Train our children!
May we also desire to help teach our Grandchildren!

Yet, even in our old age, we need to continue to do what is right;
Within our own homes!!

~May You always look at what you need to do and take joy in it all~

Hugs, Roxy
As always, every day is the journey of Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Roxy, I always love reading your letters to us. I have always liked the sound of home. Caring daily for our families and home is a honorable duty that is filled with love and sometimes hardships. With daily prayers Jesus gives us His strength and His love to be women of faith. Blessings to you my friend.

  2. That is a good reminder Roxy...take joy in all that there is to be done.
    I was feeling a touch of anxiety recently when there wasa mountain of work to tackle. Then I remembered that all I needed to do was begin, take my time and be thankful I was not on anyones time clock.

    Praying for you
    Hugs from Shirley

  3. Thank you for this gentle reminder that I need to be busy taking care of our home even though I don't have any little ones here anymore. {{hugs}}

  4. OH how I love the look of lighthouses, and the dwellings of those that used to mind them. It is my prayer that I am always minding my lighthouse. Every little task is important. Sometimes I struggle with the load, but one thing at a time. The Lord is so good, and gives strength when needed. I love you mentioning "in our homes" as that is where we need to keep our focus. Others are responsible for theirs, we are to focus on where the Lord has placed us.

  5. The bible certainly has an animal for every character quality, good or bad! And the sloth is certainly an interesting one. I love light houses and have always wanted to know what it would be like to dwell in one. The highest beam is for the ships at a long distance out to sea and the lower lights guide the ship around the shore so it wont hit the rocks. In that sense, we are lighthouses.


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