Friday, April 8, 2016

Good Manners For Puppies And People...


Ranch Security

I would like to introduce you to our new puppy

Hank is his name, already has the nickname
"Hank the Tank"

He is part basset hound and terrier!
He is very smart and loyal.
He has the sweetest personality you could want to find in a dog.

I have been very busy training him to have good dog manners.
 And the importance
By doing his business outside! 
(We have had only two piddles inside)

This will be the first inside dog we have had in over 18 years.

But this little guy loves being outside with the other dogs!
But the plan is to have him inside in a crate to sleep.
He comes in every couple of hours to take a nap and play with his toys.
Oh, and of course to eat a bowl of chow.
But he has already managed to win our hearts!

Our cat Jasmine is wondering now when does this puppy go back
from where he came from??

Also with all we have to do outside, we are working in flower beds
 and watering the trees!

Spring winds and blowing dirt from the lack of moisture,
is so very upsetting.

Sometimes having wood floors is a real pain as the dirt shows so easy on them.

I had a not very nice comment on the post I did on the
Warnings about the symbols in adult coloring books!
Some people really do not have any wisdom or manners.
Mean comments will make you feel terrible.

We just think we can all do and say anything we want,
Well, it is a lot like training a puppy!
Good manners and doing things with kindness will bring a good reward!

Not, sure why I wanted another puppy,
Sometimes we all just need a buddy or friend!

And of course security for the ranch is a must...
But this little guy has a basset bark and the height of  a low rider
And the width of a tank...

May I leave a little sound advice?
Do what you can!!
Always use good manners!
Do not allow someone else to define you!
But always be open to wisdom and of course sound doctrine.
Work and carry your burden!
Enjoy the little things!
Plant some seeds this Spring
(In the natural and the spiritual)
Stretch yourself from your comfort zone...


  1. Good manners are definitely a necessity! And have fun with the new puppy! Training can be so time-consuming and hard, but dogs are such a wonderful addition to the home.

  2. Such a sweet puppy is Hank the Tank! I need a puppy. I'm really missing my dog. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm new to your blog and love it! We recently got a new puppy (he is now 14 weeks old)and wow the training is very different with this one than with our other dog. It's interesting to look at it with our "spiritual" lenses and realize how people are the same in this sense as well. The sinful baggage we pick up along the way can make some much harder to be trained by the Holy Spirit than others. Thus bringing me to your last post which again was really good and so true. Sinful baggage can come in and shape or size. Anything we allow to give us entertainment must be double checked for spiritual filthiness. Why? Because a demon will take the first chance at an open door with its enemy (us)AND it's that demons job to "steal, kill and destroy" the people of the most high living God. The next thing would be that a person who loves that pagan symbol will then see it at a store and remember how nice it was to color which will then cause them to buy a painting, portrait or sculpture with that very symbol to place in their home! We must always be aware.
    I've loved browsing through your posts. They bring such peace. Thank you!
    The Blessed Wife

  4. Hank is one handsome little guy who will likely grow up to be one HUGE handsome guy! Roxy, he is just precious, and I believe he will make for a good "buddy" to have around your ranch. Enjoy him. :)

    Those winds can be so bothersome. My grandfather never cared for the wind, always thought it kept you from accomplishing what you needed to do outside. He would find things to do in his work shop on windy days.
    We have had our share of wind this year which isn't the norm for here. I'm beginning to see just what my grandfather was feeling. :)

    Sorry to hear that you had a not so nice comment on one of your posts.

    Have a beautiful and blessed day, sweet friend.

  5. What a little sweetheart. That face makes you fall in love, even without puppy kisses! I agree on manners. We could all use more of them. Happy Weekend!

  6. Good morning, lovely lady! My, isn't Hank a handsome fellow! He looks like a bunches of fun :)

    Wonderful post about manners, my friend. My dear mama taught from a very young age to show manners and I am so thankful for her teaching. Your post was such a good reminder and I appreciate you sharing.

    Weekend blessings to you! Hugs and love

  7. Hank the Tank is adorable!
    You can't go wrong training him now so you'll have a great, well behaved dog later.

  8. I so love your puppy, dearest Roxy !

    With so much joy I'm giving you this news: you're one of the winners of the Giveaway of ~ My little old world ~, sweetie, I'm so glad for you !
    You should be so kind to email me your address (, so that within next week I'm sending you my little bookmark with Queen Victoria's portrait !

    Sending blessings on your weekend and huggles to your fur baby,
    with love


  9. Well, Hank is just adorable! He's gonna be a big boy! I'm sorry someone felt the need to leave a not so nice comment...we can agree to disagree without being ugly. Have a blessed weekend!

  10. Hank is indeed a cute puppy. I don't think we will do the puppy thing again unless it is a smaller breed of dog. We are getting too old to keep up with one. Not fair to the dog.
    I somehow wasn't getting your postings. Looked you up and re listed on email. And it is welcome back. Don't know what that was about. Do You?
    I browsed for awhile, you sure to have the gift of writing.
    You have shared some beautiful thoughts. Enjoyed myself.
    Sleep well

  11. Oh, my word! That little puppy is so adorable! And a big congratulations to you for winning sweet Dany's bookmark! So sorry you got a nasty comment on your blog...some people have no concern over the feelings of others, nor do they seem to realize how much words can hurt. God bless you and keep you always close to His heart!

  12. Your puppy is so cute he makes me want to go find a 'mixed pup' they are the best we have had two and they are absolutely amazing. I love his name and his 'look'. good job may you be rewarded with many good and wonderful memories with him.

  13. My hubby would be so jealous of a new puppy to love on! Your Hank looks adorable. I am sure he will fill your hearts and lives with love and fun. Too funny that the cat is not so sure. :) So sorry you had nasty words left here...never a fun thing! I am glad you left that post up in spite of the comments. I have used what you shared to teach our girl about the dangers that are in some of those colouring books. You have been a blessing to us. Hugs, Camille

  14. That little face is adorable....he is going to be a tank when he grows into those paws isn't he!?

    I'm so sorry someone left an unkind comment...I have had to erase a few unsavory things myself, but you can't erase them from your heart as easily as you can from the computer. Love you my sweet friend...I think your writings are delightful and I LOVE to visit you here!

    Hugs and more hugs from Shirley

  15. Your sweet Hank is so cute! Our dog is 6 now but I well remember his training, not easy, but so worth it. Pets are great comfort and good for us too. Enjoy him! :)


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