Saturday, January 19, 2013


Purity may be something we don't see to much of in this
culture today.
I see so many young women who are dressed so scantily.
My heart grieves for them.
Now, these women were guest at a wedding ceremony
and reception dinner.
Now for the record,
I am not in any way unfashionable!
I love the feel of being feminine and classy.
Dressed to the nines, was a statement once used
of women who were well dressed, and elegant.
I just came from a wedding, that was very sweet and precious.
But what I wanted to share was this, that sweet couple
saved themselves for their wedding day,
When they kissed after being pronounced
Man and Wife
It was their first kiss!!
My prayer is this :
that more women will save themselves for the man
that God chooses for them.
What heart aches come from our own impatient
flesh. And the longings of wanting to be loved.
God has always had the hearts of women held,
in His perfect plan of how marriage is
suppose to be.
Now, please understand me here!
I did not do it right myself ladies...
But God's grace is so amazing and His love has covered
a multitude of my sins.
But I felt like crying when I saw this sweet young brides rapture.
Her face was really glowing.
Come on!
Women we are the ones missing out when
we allow ourselves to be joined to someone
he has not vowed to love and cherish us.
To death do us part.
Jesus is coming for his bride,
make yourselves ready. 


  1. This is so beautifully put, Roxy x

  2. Oh yes my heart grieves too Roxy, especially when I see how some girls dress for weddings and Christian school formals. I attended one Christian wedding where you could have been forgiven for thinking you had missed the church building and walked into a nightclub! Others were more modestly dressed but had made no effort and were far too casual for a wedding - there were men and women in tee shirts and jeans or shorts. It was a sad sight but sitting behind me was a young woman immaculately dressed in a lovely lace vintage dress with matching jacket. She looked so elegant and stood out in the crowd for all the right reasons. Makes me so sad though when I realize that the horse racing industry has stricter guidelines for appropriate dress than many churches or Christian schools. They even supplied shawls for women to cover up who were in strapless low-cut dresses at Royal Ascot the famous English horse race last year!

  3. Good point Roxy... What a sweet blessing for that couple who I waited to share their first kiss with one another, the one God had chosen for them. Too often women are influenced by the world's standards and not the Bible's. Thank you four sharing at WJIM. Blessings.

  4. Lovely :) Purity is very much lacking today but most sadly in many churches. I expect it from the world but the Christian home is where my heart is broken. Through prayer and example and solid, biblical teaching, we can make a difference.

  5. I thank God, that He has put it into our daughters hearts, to save their first kiss for their wedding day. I pray and pray, that God sends them strong leaders, and fierce defenders of their purity, who are also committed to saving their own kiss for their wedding day. It is very grieving to have to live in this world where purity in thought, dress and demeanor is constanly being attacked by the sex-crazed media. My hat is off to all the young people who do not give in to the culture, and who choose to live for God's glory and not to please people.


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